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by:JIAHE     2020-07-04
Don't even consider calling your new set-up an ultimate home entertainment center if your picture and sound aren't up to par with HDMI cables and surround sound speaker wire. Most people think that a high definition television will make everything HD automatically, but then realize shortly after, that the picture received using regular AV Cables to your HDTV is about as good as watching a VHS Tape from an RHF adapter (remember those?). For the same reason you wouldn't put diesel fuel into a fighter jet, don't cheat yourself of getting the quality HDMI Cables and Surround sound wire needed to lift your entertainment experience off the ground. HDMI Cables are digital cables for what replaced analog versions of cables such as the coaxial and VGA. Because of the electronic compatibility of the HDMI cables there is no reason for signal translation and therefore the quality of the video feed remains in high definition. They are compatible with many different devices such as the HDTV's, computer monitors, PS3's and even some Xbox 360's. The variations of HDMI Cables and adapters are surely able to fit your needs for ultimately projecting your video and audio feed onto your big screen. Now that you have your high definition audio and video in circulation, the audio must be projected through your surround sound system. If the stock surround sound speaker wire that came with your setup isn't long enough or supportive of quality sound, don't settle. How often have you gone to your neighbor's house and tripped over the surround sound wires that are supposed to go under the rug, only the rug isn't there? Consider the length of the cable needed to run to your speakers when choosing the gauge and understand that power can be lost through cables length. To solve this problem, you will need to buy a lower gauge in cables (the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire). A quality gauge of speaker wire will run from 12 to 16 AWG, and most recommendations are to run 12 AWG for over 200 feet of length, 14 AWG for 80 to 200 feet and 16 AWG for under 20 feet. Before ordering surround sound speaker wire, please read your speaker capabilities in order plan appropriately. Ordering surround sound wire is simple and can add up to 1000 feet of distance to your audio feed. This means you can feed the big game from your living room, to the pool, kitchen or anywhere else you may want to go. Picking out the big stuff like your TV, Blue Ray Player and other items is the easy part- Bring them to life with quality HDMI cables and surround sound speaker wire.
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