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by:JIAHE     2020-06-17
So dishonesty from the solicitors, an absurd piece of fiction from the SRA and no reply for the good Doctor Cable. To lose one letter may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness (sic). A curious and depressing experience all round. This is the sort of unhelpful rubbish that employers are facing every day. Oh yes, and they're also trying to survive in a recession. And the Government wonders why we're so reluctant to employ anyone. David Frost, the former Director-General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has been vocal for some time about the problems facing employers. This week he was raising - yet again - the reasons why UK employers are becoming more reluctant to employ UK workers, especially young people. Mr Frost made the stark point that business employs migrant workers for the simple reason that they are often better educated and have a stronger work ethic than local people. He also referred to the many changes in employment law over the last 10 years, which has created confusion and made employees incredibly expensive to employ. How is it that children spend 12 years in the education system in the UK and a significant number are emerging barely literate (and I include graduates in that number)? Last week we heard - and it should be to our eternal shame that such a matter has been raised - the horror expressed by the director of the Westfield Stratford City shopping mall in East London that hundreds of staff had to be taught to read and write after managers found that they could not even fill in basic forms. We had a more literate society in 1910 that we do now... Back at Westminster, the Government have ignored all these comments from business and concentrated on their New Idea - the Red Tape Challenge. It almost looks like displacement activity! Has anyone benefitted from the effects of the RTC yet (or seen how they're going to benefit)? I should be most interested to know. So two letters to the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills unacknowledged. How very very unbusinesslike (and impolite), but this issue is too important to ignore, so I have written to Nick Clegg. Who knows? I may be lucky third time. Mr Frost has highlighted the difficulties employers face because of the rapid changes in employment law, which are both expensive and confusing. If you need a helping hand staying on top of all this, you might well find that our employment law update service could fit the bill very nicely. As well as four audio updates, and notes setting out what employers have to do to be complaint (and when) Law on the Move now incorporates three employment law training sessions as part of the pack. For more information about a subscription and our special offers, get in touch. Give us a call on 0845 644 8955, so we can talk you through how it place your order. You may copy or distribute this Article as long as this copyright notice and full information about contacting the author are attached. The author is Kate Russell of Russell HR Consulting Ltd. Russell HR Consulting provides expert knowledge in the practical application of employment law as well as providing employment law training and HR support services. For more information, visit our website at or call a member of the team on 0845 644 8955. Russell HR Consulting offers HR services to businesses nationwide, including Buckinghamshire (covering Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Banbury, Northampton, Towcester and surrounding areas), Nottinghamshire (covering Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, Sheffield, Worksop and surrounding areas) and Hampshire (covering Aldershot, Basingstoke, Reading, Farnborough, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton and surrounding areas).
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