We specialize in stitchbond for over 14 year.


Why choose mattress protector material produced by JIAHE?
After decades of research and development and meticulous manufacturing, mattress protector material is now marketed. It is priced in the most competitive way. Its quality is strictly controlled and its after-sales service is comprehensive. A research and development team has been set up with experienced members. Systematic market research also supports their research and development. This is the reason why mattress protector material can still meet different needs. In addition, a complete after-sales service system has been established to provide timely service.

HUIZHOU JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH CO.,LTD enjoys high reputation at overseas and many companies offer to contact us for business cooperation. JIAHE focuses on providing a variety of non woven fabric for customers. The product is able to run in a stable manner. It has a reliable electrical system which can effectively prevent electrical problems such as short circuit and electric leakage. The process of Jiahe printed stitchbond yields high productivity at a lower cost. Supported by ingenious team, JIAHE has highly recommended service team. Jiahe stitchbond fabric comes in different widths and weights, depending on the clients' requirements.

JIAHE has successfully built itself into a brand that represents "High Quality" in both products and services.
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