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using cutlery properly

by:JIAHE     2020-07-21
If you buy silver cutlery then you have to be sure you know how to use it --
This article will tell you how to set up the table correctly.
If you buy yourself some silver cutlery because you want to use it at a formal dinner, it doesn\'t mean you know how to use it at a formal dinner!
But fortunately, it\'s very simple to know what to do, and once you do it once, the cutlery will be placed in the right place next time.
The placement of the cutlery has a specific order, so you should go once you know what it is.
The tableware farthest from the plate is used first, so it is better to place these first.
As usual, the knife is on the right side of the plate and the fork is on the left side.
You may be used to always putting spoons on the table, however, when setting up cutlery for a formal dinner, if you are going to use them for appetizers, you should put them on the right, even farther away from the plate than the knife.
This is because the spoon is used first.
There is a dessert spoon in front of the plate.
The knife should be placed in the bread basket to make bread butter, but you or anyone should not cut the bread with this knife, which is what you do with your hands during the formal dinner.
Once you place all the cutlery correctly, you want to arrange the glasses now.
On the right, you should place red wine glasses and then white wine and water cups from right to left.
If the champagne flute is used, the flute will be placed on the far right.
You have to act formally and show the cutlery formally, so make sure you don\'t put your elbows on the table when you eat.
An easy mistake is to lower your mouth on the cutlery, but this is actually the wrong way to do things.
The tableware should be set to the mouth.
Also, don\'t cut your food (such as steak) into pieces at a time like a child, just cut it a little bit and eat it while cutting!
Hopefully this shows you how to properly place the cutlery on the table at the official dinner.
If the tableware is placed as we suggest here, then you have nothing to worry about.
Remember, once you have finished your meal, put the cutlery in the place where the knife is facing you.
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