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Universal Fabric Structures specialises in the design

by:JIAHE     2020-06-22
Designed using a light-weight structural frame covered with high strength surface cladding, UFS mining shelters supply an cost-effective, straightforward to install alternative choice to traditional structuresfor permanent or semi-permanent applications. Relocatable UFS mining shelters include the Rapid-Span, Supa-Span, and Alu-Span product range, these structures are all simply disassembled and movable making them good for interim facilities with resale options. straightforward Installation UFS prefabricated mining shelters are made for rapid, low cost installation. Quality Structural Frame The backbone of a UFS mining shelter is a well-engineered structural framing system with the best corrosion protection system available. straightforward Foundations Rapid-Span structures can generally be installed with relocatable foundations. Where concrete is necessary, the structural engineering of UFS mining shelters generally allow for lower foundation costs. durable Translucent Fabrics UFS uses high strength, heavy weight, coated fire retardant fabrics from proved providers, with lifespans of twenty - forty years. Using white see-through fabrics allows for a well-lit, efficient, interior work environment that leads to serious reduction of operating costs. Efficient Space utilization UFS truss frames on the Alu-Span and S-Span series allows for cost-effective clear span space, with a range of span profile shapes and door system options to best accommodate heavy machinery storage and warehousing requirements. Suitable for Difficult Sites The structural steel design and flexible tensile membranes of UFS mining shelters permits installation on uneven or sloping sites. Low maintenance The aggregate of high quality, corrosion resistant structural frames and tough, coated surfaces ensure a long, low maintenance life for UFS mining shelters. Quality UFS designs and manufactures engineered mining shelters of the highest quality. Plenty of our design features are unique to UFS. From start to end, quality is the benchmark for every element of the UFS process. Environmental Control The surface cladding of an absolutely enclosed UFS mining shelter is continuously sealed to supply a weather-tight shell. Structures can be effectively insulated, heated, or air conditioned as needed. The UFS mining shelter range of products include the easy-to-erect Rapid-Span structures ( 5-16 m wide ), light weight Alu-Span structures ( 15 fifty m wide ), and our completely customisable, clear span Supa-Span series ( 30-97 ) m wide. The Alu-Span series is available for hire thru our AllSite division ( ). All of the structures are available for sale only.
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