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the contrast between non woven bag and other material bags

by:JIAHE     2020-01-14
Woven bags are environmental protection products.
Tough and durable, with exquisite appearance and good ventilation.
It is reusable, washable and can be used for a long time.
There are a lot of materials in the process of gift bag material, but the water is not a gift bag
Knitting materials are more suitable.
In terms of production costs, non-woven bags are the cheapest kind of bags, followed by cotton bags, cashmere bags and canvas bags, with the most expensive price.
From the point of view of use, most of the supermarket shopping bags are non-
Woven bags and cotton bags are generally used as the company\'s kits and put into the company\'s promotional materials. of course, a considerable number of companies also use non-woven bags.
Velvet bags are generally gift bags that use bags as products or installation gifts.
Canvas bag is generally used as a shopping bag. the style of canvas bag is very fashionable. now some women like it very much. Gift bag non-
Woven fabric, the fabric used is generally thicker, in 80-
110g, printed by means of screen printing, hot stamping, etc. , so it looks more decent.
Woven fabric is mainly used in hard and soft food packaging materials, and has the largest application field at this stage.
The current recycle bin is trying to find a way to make the material work best, using methods such as extending the shelf life of the product and exploring its application. The non-
The products woven from starch and other natural substances mainly include the following categories:
Engineering Plastics and biologyOrdinary plastic (
Polyethylene and PVC vinyl).
In addition to being used as packaging materials, people are also trying to make non-packaging materials.
For high-value and high-
Performance Engineering, the potential of this application. Lint-
The surface of the free cloth woven from 100% polyester fiber is soft, easy to clean the sensitive surface, friction does not fall off the fiber, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.
Clean and pack the products in the cleaning workshop. Lint-
Free cloth optional edge General: cold cut, laser edge, ultrasonic edge.
Clean ultra-fiber cloth is generally used with laser, perfect edge of ultrasonic;
Clean cloth, dust
Free cleaning cloth, microfibre lint-
Free cloth, 100% continuous polyester fiber Super-fiber cleaning cloth for woven soft surface, can be used to wipe sensitive surface, dust generation and low friction will not fall off the fiber, water absorption and cleaning efficiency are very good.
Can be used in cleaning and purification plant.
Edge of clean cloth, microfibre lint-
Free cloth and ultra-slim cloth cleaning cloth use state-of-the-art cutting edge machine.
No particles and lint will be left after wiping.
It has strong purification ability.
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