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the best ethernet cables for 2019

by:JIAHE     2019-11-05
Although the wireless connection is very good, the speed and stability of the wired Ethernet connection is unparalleled.
Our favorite working cable is the Vandesail LAN network cable.
It is a flat Cat 7 Ethernet cable that can be operated at a height
Fast, with shielding, and low profile, which means easy wiring under the carpet.
This is not the only option, though.
If you don\'t need such a high specification, we also have some suggestions for Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables.
Read below to find the best Ethernet cable for you.
The BestCat 7 cable is one of the latest available cables to achieve a speed of 10 MB/s. Vandesail’s 16-
Foot cables meet these standards and are backward compatible with older devices.
The size of this Cat 7 cable ranges from 3 feet to 164ft if you need it, perfect for most applications, and its flat means that wiring under the carpet is very easy.
Better yet, it\'s available at a reasonable price on Amazon as 2-
Pack so you can buy double the cable with your money.
The rest of the Cat 7 cables can run 10 gb per second, and it may be excessive for most families to choose the latest connection.
Speed up to 1 Gb/s (
Gigabytes per second)
, 5e is strong enough for slower old connections.
Mediabridge\'s 50-
Foot cables should be sufficient for most users, especially since it supports Cat 6 and Cat 5e applications.
When you try to reach the maximum operating speed of 10 MB/s, the cable length should not exceed 55 m.
With these parameters in mind, this Cat 6 cable is more suitable for faster connections.
When running Ethernet under carpet, flat cable is ideal for connecting between multiple rooms.
Thankfully, the 100 feet cable offers some great products that allow you to easily install Ethernet at home.
You want to save a little money if the cable is too long and there\'s a 50-
The foot Jadaol cable is also very good.
As mentioned earlier, the Cat 5e cable is capable of achieving a speed of 1 Gb/s.
If this fits your family\'s bill, this affordable cable will work without damaging the bank.
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