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by:JIAHE     2020-01-28
Of course, you can carry it with you: mobile phone, BlackBerry, digital camera, GPS, flashlight (LED, of course)
Pen, iPod and handheld computer.
Of course, I also brought something more important: Laser indicator, radiation detector, XM satellite receiver, Gerber more
One or six spare batteries.
Business card, credit card, ID card, old expense receipt . . . . . . I think you understand this: when the coat --
Check that the girl insists on taking my jacket and I\'m afraid it will give her a hernia.
Know \"bring-it-with-
More and more \"you\" crowd, some brilliant new technology
Clothes appear . . . . . . The good news is it fits well! Scott-E-
Technology of vestEnabled-
Scott Jordan is on a mission: He wants me to easily take everything anywhere. His Scott-E-
The vest is a miracle of pocket engineering.
He designed a whole set of technology-Enabled-
Clothing\"™Jacket, lining, trousers, hat, etc.
Clever development is not just about clothing becoming the \"portable desk\" you wear \";
Instead, he has applied for a patent for his method, which allows the devices in all pockets to be connected invisibly using the pipes he designed to insert the liner.
My headphones are always ready, but my iPod and XM handheld radios are in special audio pockets.
The phone in the phone-
Pockets and business cards hidden in the sleeves.
Even the hidden pockets have more hidden pockets.
I\'m wearing Scott. E-
For two months, I wore vests every day and found new features on jackets or wool liners almost every day.
Best of all, Scott designed a solar panel to hang in the back so I can charge many of my devices with USB
Connector on the go.
I must admit, it\'s freaking out the Department of Homeland Security . -
Fax machine at the airport . . . . . . But they also have to admit (after a 20-minute pocket-Opening Meeting)
I have the coolest jacket they \'ve ever seen. (
They still took the nail clippers . . . . . . I think it was to prevent me from brutally cutting the toenails of the flight attendant. )Sharp-
Law enforcement officials have been snapping up Scott-E-
Because it hides a bunch of useful things . . . . . . But Scott has every reason to hope that gadget lovers will embrace his handsome technology --ready clothing.
Depending on the choice, the price of the SeV jacket ranges from about $179 to $500 (
Solar panels, etc. )
Popular news Joe Biden led the CBS News poll, with a massive blackout in controversial police videos.
Visionary technology, his passion for energy alternatives, and its elegant integration into a pleasant solar energy-
Electric juice bag. \"Use High
Efficiency solar panels (
Almost the same panel as in ScottE-Vest)
There are 7 juice bags.
Watt output of carlighter-adapter.
The solar panel is a beautiful cover on a sturdy messenger bag that can carry many rechargeable products.
Later this month, juice bags will be sold for $199.
It\'s not just a smart design for Lehmann and his partners: \"Reware\" solar bags are a smart policy.
To encourage the use of renewable energy and sustainable technologies, he is designing a range of eco-friendly products.
The juice bag can be connected with a dedicated adapter to increase the power output. (
Beautifully designed, the \"juice bag\" I tested worked well and made such a positive environmental statement, I think they will sell out once they have it, so place the order now! )
Even though other companies have launched heated jackets, the best units I have tried are prototypes of innovative sports: New heated jackets.
The wool \"Heated Jacket\" is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and a lithium battery with an internal temperature of 150-degrees!
Baked now.
The innovation movement has entered the field, in fact, the \"hot sleeve\" jacket of a professional baseball pitcher can keep the preparation for throwing weapons between innings.
The innovative campaign is providing soldiers with a light, warm jacket solution that will eventually provide solutions for civilians who cannot stand the winter season.
The lightweight battery can be charged in about two hours.
The exact price of the new consumer thermal jacket has not yet been determined, but it is expected that the body near you will soon warm up!
Spyder\'s iPod jackthere method blew up the ski resort of boogying-
Wear the Spyder limited edition iPod ski jacket.
Eleksens technology perfectly combines the iPod with the jacket, elegant and perfect.
Control your playlist with a smart fabric touchpad woven on jacket sleeves.
The ElekTex smart fabric and ribbon cables are very durable and can be cleaned, crushed, broken and slid.
ElekTex will soon fit into a variety of outfits: making pdas, phones, wireless displays, etc.
Is part of the daily coat fabric.
A year ago, we demonstrated Adidas 1 shoes: sneakers, built-in servo systems and sensors that can adjust and adapt to your stride in milliseconds.
In the end, the $200 lightweight wonder will be sold in stores this month.
I\'m number 10 but Adidas has been sending smaller and smaller sizes so I can\'t prove it myself.
Luckily, when you have a pair of magical shoes, the one on the right --
Cinderella who tested them was not difficult to find.
Friends who have tried Adidas 1 say they are very responsive to different terrain.
I can\'t wait to buy a pair of my own, if only to make the people at the airport security machine even more crazy.
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