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style during the recession: \'the days of popping to new look are over\'

by:JIAHE     2020-01-25
Maintain style without damaging the bank --
According to fashion knowledge, Judith Woods said that learning to use sewing machines, skirts rise with prosperity and fall with austerity.
But when we wait for the vision of Agyness Deyn of makelsey in Hesen, there is another way to keep the style without breaking the bank.
The slightly shocking answer is to take out the sewing machine and crochet and start making decals for your jeans and screen print your T-shirt
Shirts and torn clothes.
Sister, it\'s over to start looking for another person again.
Don\'t know where to start?
Then take inspiration from London\'s Make Lounge, which is rapidly transforming lost art such as embroidery and beading into the height of contemporary fashion.
The lounge is located in an elegant Georgian house in Islington, holding evening workshops for professional women eager to learn \"survival sewing\"
Mothers in good faith avoid teaching them because of concerns that they may eventually become wives and mothers, not fund managers --
Never thought they would be three one day.
There are wine and music, there are social opportunities, and most importantly, you leave with the fruits of your labor, whether it\'s a dress made of vintage materials or a dress made of beads, crochet flower brooch
The lounge is the idea of New Yorker and former magazine reporter Jennifer pilter, who found out she was craving an evening event that didn\'t cost a lot of money or £ 8? Zhou promised.
\"After nine hours of concentration on the computer screen, I found out that I wanted to do something with my hands on the other side of my brain, but there was nothing that would suit my way of life, piltel said.
\"I tested the voice of my girlfriend and others and found a real gap in the market --off classes.
\"These lessons are about creativity, fun and mastering new skills.
They are also popular with hen parties and company parties as people come together when they come to such a new, shared experience.
\"Most of the classes start with 6. 30pm to 9.
30, although there are some longer classes on weekends.
Tonight we\'re going to make a fabric tote bag with Sarah Jessica Parker. esque corsage.
The course was led by fashion designer Kristina Nilsson when she held up a \"here\"one-I-made-
In contrast to the earlier versions of trendy fabrics, it is impossible for us not to feel a little skeptical as we may imitate something so professional --
Three hours later.
I haven\'t sewed clothes since my family science failed at Abbey School, so I have serious doubts about being able to even sew sewing machines --
Just take a look at Bo bin and I will think of the Angry Nun.
But my participants seem to be more confident.
\"It\'s been a long time since I wanted to do something like this, but I \'ve never signed up for the proper night school because I\'m not sure I can stick with it every week, jane Davis, 31, said she works in the it department. \"A one-
A workshop like this is ideal.
\"We started with the fabric crash class and then chose our material from a fascinating series of free prints --
All materials are provided at the cost of the course, in which case the course cost is £ 45.
Armed with patterns and scissors, we are in trouble and are told the secret of sewing success (
Press each seam and hem in advance).
Then we gave each of us a sewing machine and we left.
So far, real friendship has emerged.
When Grace, the 22-year-old art event manager, was the first person to sew a pocket, there was a cheer.
A few people are good when I get stuck with threads and seams
I am naturally in a hurry to assist.
Soon we patted our hands at the seams and shoulder straps, and finally the beautiful fabric corsages.
The result is amazing, and-
If you don\'t look too hard in my case
Every point of the profession
Looks like Nelson\'s original.
Because we are all buying, you can see that we feel very nervous. . .
Sales of lipstick in L\'Oreal and Estee Lauder have risen in the past quarter.
Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder noted after September 11 that his company sells more lipstick and concluded that women use cheap food when financial conditions are unstable
This is called the \"Lipstick Index \".
After years of chicken lighting, titles such as gold excavators, platinum and antiques are now packed with shelves.
Wayne Brookes, deputy publishing director at HarperCollins, said: \"This is completely an escape from reality . \".
\"The UK did so well in its 90 s that you didn\'t need it in your novels.
But now the world is so bad that people are starting to want it again.
Jon Snow announced last summer that \"3 ties\" have no future for ties.
With sales growing by ten per cent over the past three months, the industry has sought common ground.
The CEO of Moss Brothers says sales are growing at the fastest pace in five years as employees try to avoid layoffs by looking smart.
4 dvd and video game surveys show that we think dvd is a necessity, not a luxury, but they are also a frugal option: you can watch the movie over and over again.
The video game industry reflects the trend to make yourself happy: HMV sales have increased by 60 in the past year, while dvd sales have been 18.
Sainsbury reported five steak \"up and down\" purchases last month-
Instead of going to a restaurant, customers choose high-end meat, and instead supplement this type of food with cheap basic food. Sales of slow-
Mature British steak is up 300 from last year, and Grace Sinham duck is up 250
But the \"basic\" shape of pasta has also risen by 299.
Make a lounge, 49-
51 barnbury Street, N1 1TP, London; 020 7609 0275; www. themakelounge.
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