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Reverse Peephole Viewer Still a Privacy Issue

by:JIAHE     2020-07-07
It took a while for the lovely Erin Andrews to return to her duties as the sexy sideline sports announcer for ESPN. That's because after nude photos of her in a hotel room leaked out on the Internet, the sports network decided to keep her under wraps until the scandal blew over. Additionally, lawyers on the side of ESPN and Andrews effectively persuaded webmasters across the Internet to remove the explicit photos or face legal action. However, all the lawyers on ESPN's payroll couldn't do very much about the source of the entire scandal - the reverse peephole viewer. At first, it wasn't clear how the photos of the blonde bombshell, which show her totally nude while combing her hair in a hotel room, were taken. Some speculated that there was a hole in the wall where someone could hide a tiny camera. Still others suggested that the photos were so perfectly taken that it must have been Erin Andrews herself who took them and leaked them for publicity. But soon it became clear. Andrews had been photographed while inside her hotel room with the help of a reverse peephole viewer - a small device that reverses the effects of a peephole by allowing someone outside a door to look in. The tool was originally developed to help law enforcement assess potential hazards within a home/apartment before entering but currently, the reverse peephole viewer can be purchased online for as little as $40. So what does this mean for everyday hotel goers? A-list celebrities, sexy sportscasters and summer travelers alike should be aware of the potential privacy issues that come with staying in any hotel. Below are just a few steps that every hotel visitor should take in order to prevent a security breach that could easily lead to the next Erin Andrews incident: 1-. Always check the peephole Can you believe that some travelers have found a peephole installed in the reverse position? It isn't difficult to imagine. Most people don't even notice they have a peephole on their door, let alone check it before settling in. 2.- Use a piece of black tape A simple piece of black tape can defend against reverse peephole viewers or backwards peepholes. 3.- Never stay in an adjoining room Have you ever noticed another door in your room that you couldn't open? These doors usually separate your room from another and such rooms are more susceptible to prying eyes. Certainly, what happened to Erin Andrews was a rare occurrence but in a day and age where privacy invading tools such as the reverse peephole viewer are so readily available, it is important to know what steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you. After all, few people have the resources of a major cable network behind them to clean up a mess that could have been prevented with a simple piece of black tape.
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