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Red tape and packing are the two things that make

by:JIAHE     2020-06-21
However different aspects of moving home are more important than others. Acquiring legal help and informing your utility companies of the move are significantly more important than making sure your toothbrush is packed ready to move. There is certainly a lot to think about when moving, and ultimately a lot of people and companies to inform your change of address to. When changing address there are many things to think of, below we look at five. Once you have found your dream home make sure you plan ahead. If you're renting ensure you give your landlord the required notice before you move. If you're a homeowner and wish to move straight into another property then make sure you inform your solicitor of your intentions. Inventory all of your possessions and sort out what you are moving on with, and what is being left behind. Double check your contents insurance, and read the fine print before hiring a removals team so you know your rights if anything is damaged in the move. Don't forget to take all those important documents with you. Birth certificates, driving licences, medical records are all important documents that could be very hard or costly to replace. Documents and warranties for items that are immovable can stay with the new owners. There aren't many of us who leave with everything including the kitchen sink, so kitchen worktops, water boilers and air conditioning units won't be moving. When moving, the key is to inform. Not just friends and family but also the passport office, and DVLA and bank. It's crucial to let your utility companies know that you're upping sticks, and always inform them if you are going to continue the service in the new home. Your solicitor will inform the council you have moved, but to be safe make sure the council are aware and your solicitor has done their job. And don't forget about your satellite or cable TV supplier, internet service provider and mobile phone network. Keep a record of all the people or companies that mail you for 12 months before your move. This way you know who to contact when you send change of address cards. This is a great way of ensuring that your move is noted by the majority of people who need to know and although Christmas cards may be sent to the wrong address, it helps in the long-term.
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