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polypropylene products are being sold as âx80x98jute bagsâx80x99 in visakhapatnam | visakhapatnam news - times of india

by:JIAHE     2020-02-28
VISAKHAPATNAM: The theme of this year\'s World Environment Day is \"beating plastic pollution\", prompting many cities and states to take measures to limit the use of single
Use plastic bags, plastic cups, water bags, straws, etc.
In the same direction, the city government also banned the use of plastic bags at the local Rythu market, a move that was appreciated by environmental enthusiasts, academics and others.
While plastic bags have been banned, it becomes critical to check out existing viable alternatives to plastic.
While most citizens know about cloth and linen bags, a new group of bags called China\'s Yellow sacks entered the Rythu market.
These bags have different shapes, sizes and textures and merchants are selling sacks or bags.
S. Ravi Kanth Reddy, founder chairman of MEECONS, studied the issue and held many seminars on plastic awareness in schools, colleges and communities, not cloth or Sacks mentioned above. âx80x9cThese non-
Non-woven polypropylene bag is heated by polypropylene (
A kind of plastic)
This gives a porous fabric like a fabric.
This leads everyone to believe that these are cloth bags that are easily degraded.
Consumers, however, did not know that they had fallen into this attempt without hesitation to purchase the bags.
He pointed out that many supermarkets and shopping centers are also giving away these bags to customers.
In fact, whether these non-
PP woven bags packed in plastic bags have been considered in the High Court and even the national green court (NGT).
On 2009, a plastics industry consortium filed a petition in the High Court of Delhi asking for the exclusion
Since they are textiles and not plastic, PP bags are woven from the ban.
The court dismissed the petition and ordered that, depending on the nature of the bag materials, they are pure plastic and not biodegradable, and should also be banned like other plastic bags.
Similar orders were issued by NGT on 2016, which specifically referred to the complete prohibition of any type of plastic tote bag (s)including non-
Polypropylene weaving materials in Chandigarh and some other areas added.
Green Wave environmental protection solution, founder of Anil Choudary, authorized to start
Agree to recycle waste at most.
Chinese yellow sacks are worse than plastic because they don\'t break down.
Therefore, one fact that needs attention is that these non-
PP woven bag made of plastic, non-biodegradable.
So one of the things that we should stop is promoting them as cloth bags or biodegradable bags, he said, and at the same time, they added, they are making cloth bags with discarded or unused cloth to encourage people to use eco-friendly bags.
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