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plastic carry bags yet to bid farewell

by:JIAHE     2020-03-01
Plastic and non-plastic
Woven polypropylene tote bags are still an imminent presence in Kozhikode city, despite strong claims to stop using them and replace them with cloth bags.
Kerala supermarket Welfare Association is the last World Environment Day on June 5 (SWAK)
It is announced that the supermarket in the city will be transferred to the cloth bag soon.
It teamed up with Niravu Vengeri to supply cloth bags to all supermarkets and is expected to fully implement the project within one month.
But even after three months, the situation is still the same.
Most supermarkets continue to use non-
Although the ordinary plastic tote bag is basically not in the picture, the woven bag.
The impression of many supermarket owners is that
Woven bags are made of cloth and are therefore acceptable.
However, SWAK recommends the use of non-
Woven bags are only used as offices when changing faces --
The bearer is very clear about the harmful properties of the polypropylene bag.
\"Cloth bags are scarce.
The government has provided us with a stable supply of cloth bags through Kudumbashree.
But the stitching unit of Kudumbashree is no longer able to meet the demand, \"K said. M.
Secretary-General stanza harnefa.
He said that Niravu also withdrew, saying it was not economical to provide luggage for £ 15 per piece.
Another stumbling block is customer pressure.
\"The customer is not ready to buy the cloth bag at gears 15.
However, after we started charging non-6, many people started to bring luggage from homeWoven bags . \"Haneefa said.
SWAK tried to save the situation by hanging out among bag makers in other states.
\"We have reached out to a manufacturer at Tirupur.
There will soon be enough cloth bags and we will be able to keep our promises by December.
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