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paper bags in demand

by:JIAHE     2020-02-16
The state\'s ban on plastic is a boon for paper bag manufacturers.
Their interest in leading retailers, hotels and restaurants has reportedly surged.
Paper bags are considered obvious alternatives to plastic handbags.
Kala Charlu is the founder of a number of promotion initiatives (MITU)
He said that they have received a lot of inquiries recently, mainly through reference materials.
\"There is a lot of demand for shops and hotels.
In fact, a large retail store asked for 4,000 packs at a time.
We see demand from areas like Koramangala, Whitefield and Bellandur.
They were even prepared to collect luggage when we informed that we might need to charge for shipping, \"she said.
The bags are made from people in naramara, chikabanavara and elsewhere using old newspapers for a price between 70 paise and Rs. 6 per piece.
\"We use two-story newspapers.
But if the customer insists, we end up adding an extra Brown sheet to make it look uniform and allow them to print whatever they want . \"Charlu added.
The situation of mass manufacturers is also improving. Bharath V. R.
Owner of Bag Factor, an automatic Bag maker, said clothing and shoe companies have started calling since the ban was officially implemented.
\"We have the ability to prepare 20 lakh packs per month.
But so far, our capacity is far from enough, producing only about five lakh.
Only large retailers are willing to buy these bags, which is costly between Rs. 7. 50 and Rs.
12 pieces per piece according to the quality of the paper, \"he said.
Creative Print package for Kondaiah Chowdary, Hyderabad-
Mainly serving companies in Bengaluru.
He received phone calls from many hotels and restaurants to buy paper bags for takeout.
Their main customers include retailers of mobile phones, optical devices and clothing stores.
However, demand from scrap dealers for old newspapers is still increasing.
Vijay Kumar, a distributor of V, said: \"The ban is too new . \"V. Puram.
Currently, they buy old newspapers anywhere between Rs. 9 and Rs. 11 per kg.
Buy old cartons and materials for Rs. 7.
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