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Many work place injuries are caused by malfunctioning

by:JIAHE     2020-07-09
Important Locations that Require Non-Slip Tape A lot of companies don't have any shortage of places that need non-slip applications. However, many places cause even more problems than the others. Down below, we review four essential areas that a non-slip tape manufacturer specializes in furnishing non-slip tape for. 1. Making Ladder Rungs Safe Do you have an industrial facility that features ladders that lead to control rooms or special maintenance areas, or a workplace space with a metal ladder to get to a storage area or air handling equipment? If that's the case, applying strips of no-slip material to ladder rungs is essential to protecting employees and/or service people from unfortunate injuries, and your company from unnecessary lawsuits and/or workman's compensation claims. 2. Areas With Showers No-slip materials for showering areas is fantastic for companies that feature sizeable shower areas, for example health clubs as well as professional sports franchise companies, and companies which have small showering areas for the comfort of workers. While slipping and falling in a shower doesn't sound threatening, it often leads to injuries that get a personal injury attorney at the victim's bedside faster than you can say slip and fall. 3. Running Boards on Vehicles Probably the most under mentioned origin of slip and fall accidents occur with vehicles. Vehicles are routinely involved in slips and falls that cost businesses big money. To avoid a majority of these occurrences, companies are wise to apply high-grade, no-slip material on the stepping areas of running boards and other equipment that helps drivers reach the driver's seat. For example, manufacturers of no-slip solutions produce tape designed to endure oil along with other substances that would cause most tapes to quickly reduce their resistance. 4. Stairs Inside Vertical Exit Enclosures No-slip material is ideal for all stairs that feature a smooth stepping surface, but is especially valuable for stairs within vertical exit enclosures, that are primarily employed for evacuations, times where even one misstep might lead to an egress jam that puts lives in jeopardy. To get ready for low visibility evacuations, using photoluminescent no-slip material is ideal. During my analysis on non-slip tape products, I've studied the worthiness of purchasing specialty tapes from a non-slip tape manufacturer.
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