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Left handed players generally have upper hand

by:JIAHE     2020-07-03
This sport is played with the help of golf clubs which are either right handed or left handed. The handedness of a club can be established by placing the club in the front and examining the direction of the club head; left handed golf clubs will have their heads on the right. Golf clubs are expensive. In fact the game of golf in itself is an expensive affair. However, some of the recurring costs can be minimized or even curbed altogether by protecting the clubs with golf head covers. You can prolong the life of clubs with these covers and keep your frequent expenses at bay. If these clubs are not protected, chances are they might get chipped or stained while travelling or they might turn rigid and crack due to exposure to harsh weather conditions. Head covers are available in several materials such as wood, leather, wool, flannel, non-woven fabric etc. They come in an array of designs, styles and colors. Animal head covers, flower head covers are quite popular with young players while professionals typically prefer a more sober design, such as leather or wood with logos of famous golfers. They are available for woods, irons, wedges and putters. Magnetic buttons, zippers and Velcro are some of the mechanisms used to fasten them around the head of the club. A golf grip is one of the three essential components of a golf club that offers the following features. 1. It prevents the club from flying out of hands because of the high swing action. 2. It maintains the direction of the club face; this results in accurate shots. 3. Grips help players hit the ball in the right direction, with unmatched accuracy and loft angle consistently. These are typically made of neoprene and available in several colors and styles.
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