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JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding

100% Polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
HuiZhou, China
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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Quantity Needed:

Jiahe industry is always produce different sharp and blue line print stitch-bond for mattress and bed-sets industry. Our factory have a production line mainly print  those line print stitch-bond fabrics.


Product Name:

Blue line print stitch-bond bedsets textile


100% polyester or mixed with viscose 


2.3m(can be split)



Yarn Count:



Various line





Delivery Detail:

10-15 days after receive the deposit

MOQ/Min.Order Quantity:

5000 Meter/Meters non woven fabric

Packaging Details:

polyester bag

Payment Terms:

T/T or LC at sight


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-1                

Simple appearance , Classic modern;

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-2                

Good Strength
Soft and hard feeling , eco-friendly , anti-slip;

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-3                

Hand and soft feeling
Enough weight and width; High strength and performance;

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-4                

UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
Meet FR Standard of BS5852 for UK market and CFR1633 for USA market;

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-5

Mattress Cover, Bedding Box, Mattress Box and so on.


One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-6


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-7


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-8


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-9


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-10

Free sample with freight collect

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-11

100% strict quality testing and control procedure before shipping

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-12

Punctual delivery

JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-13

Excellent after-sale service


Professional manufacture:We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-14


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-15


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-16


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-17


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-18


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-19


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-20


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-21


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-22


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-23


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-24


JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-25



JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-26
JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-27
JIAHE stitch bonded fabric textile for bedding-28

great for storing items
I got the wrong size and i'm too lazy to return them, otherwise I'm sure they would be great
Very nice and good size
Love the padding and no slip and washed up nicely
Great price
Love this shirt so far, fit perfectly and appears to be made well.
Perfect for an office storage
Fit my IKEA Kallax unit great!
I bought this for my Home and Garden 12 cube organizer. It is a perfect fit. No gaps at all. It is really great quality and looks amazing. It is made of really heavy fabric and the handles looks nice. Not the cheap fabric of the other cubes. It comes with a little window to label the cubes. I am highly pleased. I just bought a second set.
I even used this in moving. It is very sturdy and easy to store. Great product.
beautifully constructed. the quality and color is great.
Love this wax! I am never going to step foot into a salon again. I saw it on buzzfeed and decided to order it based on the reviews here. It is only fair that I give it a review as well. I have never used a wax like this before. The closest thing to wax that I’ve used were sally hansen clear strips that you warm inbetween your hands. Like another user mentioned, I designated a coffee mug to warm the beads. I boiled a small amount of water (low heat) in a pot and placed my mug in the middle and let the beads melt, occasionally stirring. I used a popsicle stick for application. I have a huge box from kids crafts. It will take some getting use to especially if you don’t find the right speed that works for you. If you’re planning to do your face or eyebrows (advanced level FYI) you should practice on your legs first. As everyone mentioned, make sure it’s on the thicker side rather than thin. Hold skin tight and pull opposite direction of hair growth unlike application when you apply towards hair growth. It does have a bit of a “burning plastic” smell to it but just do what you gotta do and be done with it. Definitely recommend this.
I bought these to go in my Better Homes & Gardens 9 cube organizer. They fit EXACTLY perfectly - a little snug, and definitely no extra room. If you want something that will loosely slide in and out or have extra space on the top/sides, these are not it. If you're looking for almost a seal and to cover/hide all your clutter, these will do the job.
I Like the color and the quality. I’m bit disappointed with the dimension. They are supposed to be 13x13x13. But the height is more like 12 inches so it doesn’t really fit perfectly with my cube storage. Which is exactly 13x13x13. It is like 1 inch shorter. Aside from the dimension it’s seems durable and good quality.
Not bad! Size is somewhat accurate, I have a cube organizer from Walmart and some of these, like one or two do fit a little tighter in some areas. Also darker than the photo, so it's more of a tan than a beige/cream. Also came with a faint chemical smell but I just wiped them with anti-bacterial wipes and let it dry then took some fabric softeners and left them in each cube. Does the job, i'm happy. Recommend!
Nic and sturdy for quality. Fits very snug and I worry about the kids yanking and pulling and snapping the inner boards.
Nicer than the usual cubes in the local office supply store!
Fit my little cubby hole cabinet pretty well, the opening measures 14" and these 13" cube fits in there quite nicely. Don't feel cheap, not sure if the middle are filled with cheap garboard boards or plastic, unless I rip one open but it feels sturdy.. I like it
bigger than what I expect. And very hard. no bad smelling at all. I will buy another three put in the rack. beautiful color to match my other furniture.
Stable and well made.
Better quality than I thought they would be upon ordering. They fit perfectly in our cube organizer from Target, and the pulls match the wood tone well. My son has ripped them out of the organizer, dumped his toys out, and sat on and in them without damaging them. They hold up nicely.
Good quality, sturdy. Nice color.
It is easy to write a glowing review of a product that you are pleased with - too easy in fact. Phrases like "Love it!", "Great!", and "High quality!" say nice things about a product, but, are so easy to produce, and to fake, that they have little more value than the number of stars we select on the product rating. This is not that review because my initial experience with the bath mats I purchased was not wonderful. I liked the mats appearance and they worked as I expected they would, but, on the first wash one of them unravelled along one edge (See picture). Irritated, I sent the seller an email with a picture of the damaged mat and an explanation of my experience. Within the hour I had a response from them apologizing for the problem and asking whether I wanted a refund or a replacement. Since the second mat was working out just fine, I chose a replacement. Two days later I received my replacement mat and it was perfect. I'm not giving the product a five star rating because it is the most awesome bath mat ever, but rather, because it is a very goood mat with a company that stands behind the product and responds to problems in a responsible way. This is very different from many companies that seek every means to avoid delivering good value to their customers (looking at you Health Insurance Industry). Any manufacturer can have a mistake with a product. The real test of the company is how they deal with those understandable errors, and this one hit it out of the park. I will definintely buy more products from them in the future becasue I know that if there is something wrong, they will make it right.
Work perfect
Work a lot for the money .
Good looking and very strong. Fit the Kallax shelf unit that I bought from ikea. Already bought 2 set!
These were the nice, large bins..13x13. I love them . They are sturdy and fit perfectly into the cube shelves that I have. Very good quality. They came packaged very well.
Feel pretty sturdy and it fits my IKEA cube storage a bit small in lengt but it matches the color and looks great !
Super easy to assemble and holds / organized all of my sons toys perfectly.
Does the job! These are slightly bigger than standard storage boxes so make sure they will fit your units! Canvas finish is nice and the trim is robust.
A little large in the chest for a medium, but will will work for me. Sleeve length just right for me, because I have long arms. I usually have problems in sleeve length when I buy a medium shirt unless I buy a medium Big & Tall.
These towels were just what I was looking for--other bath mats have looked more luxurious but didn't dry well at all. These towels are nicely finished and soft, but they also dry relatively quickly, and are a bargain for the price. A great product!
I have written x 2 before. No response. I ordered two shipments of these boxes, total 24. Love them. Problem--- last shipment missing one of the pieces that goes inside the box to comfort it to shape. It is a covered cardboard insert. How may I have Lifewit get me that piece to complete my boxes--- I have 24 new cubbies built especially for them. Please respond, or someone from Lifewit. Thank you. Kirklynn Conyers.
The boxes so LARGE, and the quality is very amazing, excellent products and price!
I purchased these cube baskets for my son's storage chest in his bedroom. They look great. I was pleasantly suprised at the quality for the price and plan to order more. I saw similar baskets for almost double the price and I'm very happy with my purchase.
These cubes fit the shelving units from our Swedish friends. They are sturdy and attractive. I am not a brown/naturals lover but moved into a home with a small brown/beige kitchen. Using my shelving unit and these cubes gave me a lot more storage space.
Absolutely love how these fabric cubes really pulled together my son’s nursery! I was worried about whether or not they would be sturdy enough to hold everything, but they hold together very well!
These get the job done but the size is definitely not accurate. Way more than off than they claim they could be. The color is nice, the quality of the cubes themselves are good but the handle feels like that of the dirt cheap ones that can be purchased at the dollar store, hopefully they hold up.
very well made and is appealing to the eye but only downfall is that each bin didn’t fit the cubie slot... so i may have had some that were slightly larger than 13 x13... but overall it’s nice
Very nice. I use them for vinyl records. If the height was just an inch shorter to reveal the top of my albums, I'd say they were perfect.
Surprisingly sturdy for the price. It's about the same quality as the bins you can find at Target at a more attractive price. I love the neutral color-- looks great everywhere. I ordered two sets (6 bins total) and they fit both our ikea and target brand shelves perfectly.
Fit perfectly in my Ikea shelves.
Love this very useful and perfect for marinating tool.Happy buyer
Great for the casual office and jeans
These are a good size and are very sturdy. I use them in my closet--they're big enough for folded pants.
Perfect for our unit. Very large size and good quality.
Really like the style and fit of the shirt. Really great to obtain it at such a great price.,
Top quality excellent fit.
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