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JIAHE oem non woven textile supplier for covers

JIAHE oem non woven textile supplier for covers

JIAHE oem non woven textile supplier for covers

100% polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials which is used for foam are best seller product in Jiahe. Normal we produce the cream color with 90gsm and grey color with 100gsm for the coated stitchbond non-fr materials.

Product Name:10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials
Raw Materials:Polyester yarn and line
Weight:100gsm or 90gsm
Color:Dark Grey or Deep Cream

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Wonderful quality, enough weight and width;

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Good Strength
Soft or stiff hand-feel, breathable, anti slip;

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Hand and soft feeling
Good tension intensity; Resistant to corrosion;

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UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
CFR1633 for USA market and BS5852 for UK market;


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10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials are widely used in USA mattress box springs for the feature of non slip and good performance.

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100gsm and 2.1m 10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials can upholstery the mattress and furniture.

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140gsm and 82 inch 10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials can do the USA flame-restardant with FR1633.


One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

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 sample with freight prepaid

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100% strict quality testing before sending out the goods

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Punctual delivery

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High level after-sale service


Professional manufacture: We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


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2 inch diameter for paper roll

100 meters per roll with plastic bag ( mostly we do according to customer requires)

 27,000m-28,000m in a 20 feet container

 38,000m-39,000m in a 40 feet container

 55,000m-56,000m in a 40 feet high container

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This change pad has been great. I have been using this for 14 months and there are still no stains, no cracks, and the padding has not lost it's shape. I looks like new! Definitely worth the price as it will now be used for my second child. I did not use a change pad cover (much easier to simply wipe this pad than wash a whole sheet), so having the pad still look great is a big plus since I don't use a sheet to hid it under. I also purchased the naturepedic mattress for my son and its been amazing.
This changing pad is the perfect size to fit on top of a dresser, changing table or in my case a vanity table that I am using for my grandson. I especially appreciate the contoured sides to help in keeping him from rolling off. I wanted an all natural, organic changing pad and Naturepedics changing pad eliminates all the negative fabrics and chemicals and creates a very nice solid pad. I would recommend this changing pad.
I have ordered multiple wind screens from this company and they are really good quality I purchased one that was the wrong size and they were good about refunding I recommend!
A wonderful product but I had to return it (reluctantly) because the fingers were too long (I have short fingers). But I'll be sure to pass along the word about this terrific product.
The gloves are amazing but most importantly, their customer server is the best I've ever experienced! They followed up after my purchased them to ensure I was satisfied and when I had shared with them that the gloves were stained from cutting up oranges, they suggested a cleaning treatment and sent me another pair of gloves as a backup. They are awesome!
These work. Bought them for my exchange student because he was cutting himself in the kitchen.
These are much better quality than the ones that came with my mandolin. I chopped at them with a knife to test them and they resisted all my attempts. If they're safe for me, they're safe for everybody!
I got some new knives recently and after cutting myself a couple of times, I set out to find something to protect me. The NoCry gloves did the trick. The grip dots really help to keep things from slipping and I haven't cut myself since. If you are a bit klutzy in the kitchen, like me, give these gloves a try..
IT'SYUGE. Love it.
I have cut myself several times recently when preparing a meal which prompted me to look for some cut resistant gloves. I decided on these gloves based on their reviews and I like the idea of the grip drops to enhance the hold on vegetables when prepping them. I am not disappointed! These gloves fit nice and snug and the grips really do help hold vegetables securely when cutting and peeling. In fact they are outstanding for twisting the outer skins off onions and garlic cloves with you hands. The added grip the gloves give also make it easier to collect up vegetables from the cutting board. Already they have protected me from getting nicked when doing food prep. All and all I am very satisfied with these gloves and plan to buy another pair.
It's ok.
excellent product, 5 star
works well not real happy with the hooks
Very comfy - well made, nice quality feel to it and very adjustable. Love it so far.
Doesn't quite work with a cubicle. I have a corner cubicle, not a straight table. It kept slipping due to the angles. Otherwise, great product.
My coworkers are all jealous. It is comfortable, and I like that I can adjust it high enough up so that it is out of the way when I don't want it.
Does the job, filters the sun to tolerable levels of sunlight and heat, seems to be durable. I'm concerned about the long-term consequences of a few stray threads that appear to indicate a potential unravelling problem, but so far so good.
I live where its very hot, and needed some shade for my dogs. Loved this item so much I am going to order another one. Good quality!
The clips for the desk weren't compatible with my current desk, so I had to rig something up underneath. Materials feel cheap, and its literally held up by shoelaces. Works for what its intended, but the quality wasn't great. I guess for $8 you can't expect much though.
Had to change the cords that hold it up and the metal that hangs on the desk will scratch your desk super easy but it works as intended.
Probably the best and cheapest addition to my gaming/streaming studio. Hands down; a must have!
It's pretty well-made and is what I expected it to be. The rope that it came with wasn't long enough for my desk (which is 70in wide), so I bought some paracord and made my own hanging system.
Great price good material so far so good
Very high quality build. I'm not sure how long it will last in the sun. I plan to take it down in winter. Love it
This color (blue) is terrible! It looks like a cheap blue painter's tarp. I sent it back and re-ordered the brown/black-MUCH better!
Perfect for hanging our wooden house number sign on the front door without having to use any permanent adhesives or hardware! Holding up to the sun's heat between the front door and the storm door.
Just as expected, no complainants.
I love it! It's great for my short legs and it was super easy to set up. My only complaint that is keeping this from a 5 star rating is the strong chemical smell. When I first opened the package, it was overpowering. I'm very sensitive to smells so I had to let it air out a few days before using it. It seems fine now, but I do worry about what chemicals are on it.
This was exactly what I wanted it to be, a simple ottoman Style footrest but off the ground since we have certain pets that like to chew on furniture comma it's very comfy and relaxing to just rest your feet on and adjust to whatever height you want.
I used the product to attach a tailgate cover on my pickup after reading about it on Amazon. I didn't want to drill all the holes in my tailgate and so far this it has worked great. Used nearly two rolls to attache the cover, seems to be plenty strong to hold the cover to the tailgate. Have not tried to take it off however.
Best hook and loop there is! I used it when installing a bed rug in my truck, and there wasn't quite enough to secure the portion that ends at the tailgate. This product is amazing! It adheres extremely well (adhesive side) and the hook and loop is stronger than I have ever used. Excellent product!!!!
I had older velcro I needed to replace due to getting a new car. This worked great and includes both sides for your velcro needs. I wasn't sure if that would be the case due to previous reviews I read but it is. Just cut, remove the backing and attach. I live near Las Vegas and it's Spring here so working great with out heat (80's to 90's so far).
The adhesive on ordinary self adhesive velcro strips will creep when used in a hot car. My dashcam and GPS kept falling down. I have used these strips for months now in extremely hot weather (106F out, 150F in) and they hold fast.
Great stuff. Hold to anything you stick it too. Far better than similar products by Velcro. 3M knows their adhesives. It even stuck well to the Line-X on my tailgate when I used this to install a tailgate protector rather than drill holes.
Great product, I used it outside on a pole for a drive slow kids sign. It has been out there for months and hasn't moved an inch.
great mask fits as expected
Worked well for a Halloween party last year. Can be used again. Decent quality. Satisfied with mask. I have nothing more to say.
They were fine, but they are slippery though. So disappointed in that as it could be worrisome walking on my tile or laminate floors.
These work fine to cover your shoes but my husband feels they r slippery on our wood floors and steps. We stopped giving them to workers to wear in our home.
Great idea but I found that the material used is rather flimsy and tears rather easily. Did not work well for me.
Good product. Highly recommend. I need these for move service guys. It is easy for them and also for me. I do not need clean my carpet.
Wife likes the pillow. It is comfortable. Only she wishes it was longer and more firm. Also the head area is not fluffy enough. Its thinner in size compared to the legs of the pillow. She doesnt think it was worth the price but isnt a bad pillow.
I ordered this July 17th from Amazon. It came with two separate rolls. One roll was velcro with an adhesive backing, the other roll was fuzzy stuff with adhesive backing just like the picture shows. Both rolls were 10ft long. The product itself is great and does the job.
As described and very fast shipping. Perfect.
Great for what I needed (selling my home and don’t like people walking through with shoes on).
Loved this. I really liked that it was a headband style. It worked great with my short hair!
I had a masquerade ball style birthday party to attend, and I didn't want to wear a cheapie mask that is a paper plate and sequins, so I bought this one. It's great, but it's not adjustable, and I have a small head. It stuck out too far and was uncomfortable. I didn't even end up wearing it that much because of it. But if you have a bigger face than me, which is likely, it's great! It's super beautiful and I have had it for over a year and nothing has broken.
This is so fun and was a big hit as a secret santa gift at work.
Have to my brother who works from home. Easy to put on desk. Great for that added leisure at the desk.
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