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JIAHE mattress ticking fabric supplier for mattress

JIAHE mattress ticking fabric supplier for mattress

JIAHE mattress ticking fabric supplier for mattress

100% Polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
HuiZhou, China
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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Jiahe is the big OEM/ODM White coated stitchbonded fabrics in China. White coated stitchbonded fabrics can produced normal with weight 105gsm and 2.1m width for mattress and furniture industry. It can also do the FR treatment with BS5852 and CFR1633.

Product Name:OEM/ODM White coated stitchbonded fabrics in China
Raw Materials:100% polyester of imported materials
Width:2.1m or 82 inch
Sample:Free with freight collect

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Good quality, Control weight and width well;

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Good Strength
Soft hand-feeling, eco-friendly, anti slip;

JIAHE mattress ticking fabric supplier for mattress-3                

Hand and soft feeling
High strength and elongation;

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UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
UK Flame retardant BS5852 and USA CFR1633 treatment;



NON FR Stitchbond

FR BS5852 Stitchbond




FR Technical


Add Flame retardant glue after processing

Burning Picture

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Burning Effect


Fabric shrinkage reaches the flame extinction

Burning Smell

like burning a plastic bottle

Like burning a paper bottle





Home and aboard



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JIAHE mattress ticking fabric supplier for mattress-8

One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

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Free sample with freight collect

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100% strict quality testing and control procedure before shipping

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Punctual delivery

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Excellent after-sale service


Professional manufacture:We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


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Finally installed this, I placed steel posts 16'-8" apart inside to inside, I'd recommend at least 17' apart. Sail looks great but strearched more than I expected when tighten it, so I have a slight dip, not as taught as I hopped it would be. But still looks and works great. I'll try to post picture.
I like the shade sail. Unfortunately, the shape didn't work very well for our patio and we went for a rectangular and larger one. The material is good and has been on for a few weeks now, we had strong winds and hale, and the shade had no damage. The only suggestion I have is that If you are considering the triangle, keep in mind that the are actually covered is the inside of the triangle, so you probably need a shade that is considerably larger than the area you want covered.
Different material than I thought it would be(I thought it was going to be a cloth) but its more like a woven tarp, seems like decent quality though and the installation was easy, though there isn't an installation guide contained in the package so you'll want to watch some youtube videos. Only took a couple of hours start to finish though(I didn't need to install any posts for my application)
Looks great, provides decent shade. The sail is basically a tarp without the plastic coating. It's light weight and allows water to pass through so nothing really sags it. The sail also comes with rope but it's best to purchase some cable and heavy hooks because it will move in the wind. That said, the triangular shape doesn't pull in the wind nearly as much as a 4-sided shade would, but it also doesn't provide as much shade. We liked it enough to buy a second one for additional shade around the patio.
They have cut amount of washing I do in half and that is a huge thing and I cannot thank your company enough for making and for selling this great product.
Great product, similar to one our hospital uses, i especially like the quilted absorbency.
So comfy my infant keeps falling asleep on it! And the waterproof feature is a really nice touch.
Nice cover, good quality, easy to put on and take off. Seems durable (but have only used it for 5 weeks).
Pretty thin, my husband had to double up when he wears them over his work boots. And they run a little small. They work okay though.
Fits my size 11 4E shoes just fine. Might be snug on a size 12.
It's a good quality product. Love the fact that it had 0 "new product smell". My only complain is the contoured version always looks bunched up in the middle. I ended up returning it and ordered the 2 sided one.
Waterproof making messes easy to clean. I also love how its 4 sided to protect a squirmy baby. Pretty pricey but very high quality. Ive seen many changing pad's shell breakdown and crack after a short time of use. You can see the this product has a very high integrity and will stand up through the duration.
Just as pictured
Great gloves, good fit and cut resistant. These gloves arrived quickly and were exactly what I hope for. Cut resistant and have a secure grip. Thanks.
The 3M brand hook and loop is just as good as Velcro. The hold is good, as well as the adhesive. It's a must to have on hand, like bungee cords and duct tape.
Did not need but great product and great return policy.
Great idea and works well with my desk. My only complaint is that the material shifts and bunches up. But a few small nails/tacks fixed that problem. I have a standing height table/desk so when I am sitting on a stool this is perfect.
didn't fit with the make up of my cubicle. Had to return it but i appeared okay
Saved my hardwood floor when I kicked over the paint. Really good quality.
Great car cover. Fit perfectly!
So far so good. We have gone through 1 a year of other products, so hopefully this will last longer. It is strong and nice looking.
Fit like a glove
About as cheap as you can get. Not comfortable, the backs are so low they might as well not exist. Basically a patio decoration. You get what you pay for in this case.
I ordered two, one red, one beige. The beige color was just what I wanted but the red was underrepresented as to how orange-red it is. Both were easy to install in my small backyard after I installed a few D ring anchors using sleeve masonry anchors in brick mortar and deck screws for the garage siding. I ditched the included rope and got some paracord; learn to tie some trucker hitches and these things go up very taught like the pictures. They keep my patio significantly more comfortable than without on hot sunny days.
The gloves are great just the small size is still to big for me.
Just as described.
The fabric great! The quality of the product is not awesome. I had to saw it after The first wash.
This helps with keeping the changing pad in good shape and makes washing a breeze.
perfect for shredding cheese
Fits easily, and cut resistant. After I hand washed couple of times it still did not shrink. The material has a really bad smell to it, probably rubber and even after washing, it’s still not going away.
We like it. Better than our previous one that frayed.
Not strong enough for heavier drapes, but generally a good product.
Probably has the strongest adhesive for velcro that I have used ever.
This items is exactly as pictured and works like it says it will. We have had a lot of rain and though it does not completely keep the rain out, it is rain resistant. You cannot expect to sit under the shade during a heavy rain and not get wet, but it says a little dryer under the shade. It blocks the sun and makes sitting outside in the summer more enjoyable; seems less hot and no sunburn. You will want to support this size shade in the middle so it doesn't sag and make sure that it is secured. Two ends have come loose during heavy winds and the shade whipped around, but no damage was done to my home, deck or shade. After the wind died down, I secured those ends better and during the next storm, it stayed in place. Unlike an umbrella, you can leave this out all the time and you won't sustain property damage or find it in your neighbor's yard after a storm.
First time purchasing a shade canopy and I AM SO SATISFIED! We love it and plan on purchasing more. The shade it provides is perfect and very easy to put up. I love the shape/flair it is designed with. It is not as heavy weight as I thought it would be so at first I was wondering if it was cheaply made but NOT AT ALL. Very sturdy, well made and the light weight makes it easier to handle while putting up wherever I need it. I love the color I purchased and it goes perfect with all my patio furniture/decor. Looking forward to future canopy products from this company!
Nicely made, strong anchors at the corners, pulled tight it stays still in a stiff breeze. It's a pleasant shade of light yellow, lets enough light through so you're not in the dark but gives great shade. My advice on mounting it, get 4 turnbuckles, that way even if your space is an odd shape you can pull it tight at each corner.
This shade is great for our back area. It provides the perfect amount of shade and protection. We live in San Diego and it is perfect weather for this type of shade. It does not repel rain/water but I knew that when I bought it. It has four grommets at each corner. We went to ACE and purchased two hooks to attach to our back patio and four metal sturdy clasps to connect the sail to our fence and patio area. Love it! I would buy it again.
I liked the flexible canvas and easy to use zippers. It is not stiff but allowed for all my Christmas Wrapping Paper storage with a separate compartment for bows and things. Really convenient. Be aware though that it does not support the extra long rolls of wrapping paper.
I love it
As much velcro as I go through it's just about to the point that I need to start a monthly thing to get it. Works great and holds pretty strong.
Works ok. It would work better with stronger adhesive or weaker hook and loop. The hook and loop are very hard to separate so the adhesive gives out before the hook and loop does.
It was as expected. I own several of these from various brands, and typically the material is the same. I'd have rated higher except that the sail is bunched up rather than laying flat. I'm not overly picky, just stating a fact. I have one from another brand set up next to this the same way, and it lies perfectly flat. They are all attached with bungee cords and have similar tension. So it works, and looks good overall, other than not having flat seams. It's good, but not great.
Great price for what you get out of it.. The material feels weird like it is made from a potato sack material. Color is pretty close to the picture. I bought some Paracord and that works very good and is smaller then the rope you get. Paracord is black, only 1/8 wide and very strong and you barley notice it. HD has it for 50ft for $4. I'm using the sail in my drive way and tied between palm trees. Went to HD and bought $70 worth of stainless material to connect and am going to take it all back because the paracord works so good and you can pull the sail pretty tight . It feels like if I put a turn buckle on 2 corners and pull it tight like a drum that it would put to much pressure on the stitching. The shading is great. Nice shaded area but lets a little lite thru that when you walk in the shaded area you can barley see your own shadow in the shade area . Does not block out the sun but softens the brightness
I often kick this mat across the room because it is basically the weight of a paper towel. But I bought it for the verbiage, not necessarily the quality.
This is not an outdoor mat. We placed right in our entry and it does the job. Looks screen printed.
I gave this as gift, so I can only reply at this point that the fit was perfect, thanks to the size chart. I didn't want to give a mezzaluna with protection, so I added these. t plan on ordering another pair for myself, as I'm forever microplaning my fingers when I grate parmesan.
Great product and follow up from company! Very happy!
I had problems with the size selection on the site but the seller had fantastic customer support and I am using a pair the gloves to handle the blades in my knife collection, other pair we use in the kitchen. So far they seem to be well made and good protection.
Works as stated.
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