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JIAHE mattress cover material manufacturer for covers

JIAHE mattress cover material manufacturer for covers

JIAHE mattress cover material manufacturer for covers

100% Polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
HuiZhou, China
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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Product Details
fire retardant fabric's outstanding quality is shown in the details.JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH has the ability to meet different needs. fire retardant fabric is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Product Comparison
waterproof mattress cover, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has excellent quality and favorable price. It is a trustworthy product which receives recognition and support in the market.Compared with other products in the same category, waterproof mattress cover produced by JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH has the following advantages.
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Company Advantages
1. The production of JIAHE mattress cover material is completed by international advanced technology, ensuring smooth, efficient, and precise product.
2. The product will not give out a smelly odor. It has a strong hydrophobic surface, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs.
3. HUIZHOU JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH CO.,LTD has introduced advanced production and testing equipment for better mattress cover material .

CFR 1633 coated stitchbond fabrics is widely used as mattress filler cloth. This stitchbond is mainly produced by FR viscose and polyester fiber. The FR feature for this fabric is inherently in gray fabric. After finish the white fabrics, we then coated the color as customer’s required with FR coating materials.

Product Name:CFR 1633 coated Stitchbond mattress filler cloth
Raw Materials:100% polyester of imported materials
Sample:Free with freight collect

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Best quality, adequate weight and width;

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Good Strength
Soft and hard feeling, eco-friendly, anti slip;

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Hand and soft feeling
Good strength and elongation;

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UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
Flame retardant with BS5852 and CFR1633 processed;



NON FR Stitchbond

FR BS5852 Stitchbond



Mostly FR viscose

FR Technical


Use FR viscose materials to make it flame retardant without any processing

Burning Picture

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JIAHE mattress cover material manufacturer for covers-6

Burning Effect


Fabric shrinkage reaches the flame extinction

Burning Smell

like burning a plastic bottle

Like burning a paper



No less than 135gsm


Home and aboard



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One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

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Free sample with freight collect

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100% strict quality testing and control procedure before shipping

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Punctual delivery

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Excellent after-sale service


Professional manufacture:We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


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Company Features
1. With core strength in manufacturing mattress cover material , HUIZHOU JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH CO.,LTD becomes a globally operating company that is renowned in China.
2. We have built up a strong R&D team. Their extensive R&D activities let us quickly develop products with new functions that meet emerging customer needs.
3. We have drawn up a series of major challenges - going beyond zero environmental impact to deliver positive environmental benefits. We regard green production as one of our major business plans. From now on, we will work together with peers to seek more sustainable and environment-friendly production technologies. We are working toward the goal of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. We reduce the amount of water, chemicals, and energy used during production and processing. Quality and service come first for our company. They drive the pace of our work. We will always expect more from ourselves than our customers do.
The design is good, and it's good material. Keep in mind that the amount of rope for it is good for a small desk, under 4' wide. Also keep in mind that this product does not work on desks with backs to them (so majority of office desks don't work well, because you'll have to sit farther away from your desk to make it work.) As a final note, this thing also only really works if centrally aligned on your table. You can't have it closer to one edge, otherwise your feet will slide off. Also, as a heads up, if you want to extend the rope, pick up 3/16" rope for it, because 1/4" is just slightly too thick.
I used this to fasten a 3/8” thick rubber tailgate liner to my Ram 1500. No way was I going to drill a bunch of holes in my tailgate. I landed on this product and could not be happier. I ran strips along the edges and it is holding the liner with no issues. I can drag a 100lb cardboard box across the liner and it stays in place. The tailgate sits vertical all day and never once has the 3M hook&loop showed any signs of coming loose.
I used the 3M Fastener TB3571/TB3572 Hook/Loop Black, 1 in... in my RV to hold my front (32inch) and rear (27inch) flat screen TV's in place while traveling down the road. Placing a strip of the "Hook" on the left & right side of the wood framed box and a strip of the "Loop" on the left & right side of the TV. This allows me to pull the TV out... on the swivel bracket while watching TV... and when finished watching... push the TV back into place with the Velcro in contact with each other to hold the television in place. It can get very hot and/or cold inside an RV so I use the "3M" Brand because it will endure very high/low temperatures with out melting the glue off the Velcro or making the glue brittle due to low temperatures. Pay the cost for 3M for peace of mind or you just might pay the cost of removing a mess from an inferior product!
Used to affix a rubber bed liner on my truck tailgate. So, sticks to painted vehicle surface and rubber (of course with an alcohol cleaning first).
Very good pads when used with Washable pads used for Adults whom need Heavy or frequent use pads to counter a heavy flow rate.
I initially bought this pillow for my mom. She had eye surgery and needed to sleep facing up. This kept her in place. Well, she recovered and wanted to return to her usual sleep positions, so I kept it. It has been so helpful with my lower back problems. It comfortable. The cover is cotton and somewhat soft. Also, customer service was excellent! I had some issues with the timing of my order and my mom's surgery. They did everything they could to get it to me on time for her to use it when she came home from the hospital. THANK YOU!!!
Bessstttr for pregnancy! This is my second one! And I'd order a third if I had to! I stayed with a friend while pregnant & had to use her wrap around pregnancy pillow for about a week. NOT THE SAME!! This one is waaaay better. Her's was too stiff, hurt my neck, & getting the cover back on after washing was THE WORST! Took me like 30 minutes! This one's cover is so easy to get off & one so I can wash it frequently, which I love. And this thing is still getting used 9 weeks after birth! I keep it in bed for night nursing & I just love the support it gives my hips when I side sleep! For nursing, I can wrap one of the legs up around my waist to support my arm. Whoever invented these things... BRAVO!!!
Great pillow! BUT!! Went to put the cover back on after washing and the zipper literally broke into pieces. I was just zipping it up and all of a sudden it came a apart. I was really hoping to use it after I had my son. Only was able to use it for 3 months before it broke.
This absolutely helped my sleep while pregnant. I toss and turn so much less than without it. Two issues I ran into is that my cat loves to plop herself into the lower opening so when I do need to turn at night I get kind of tangled up with the pillow and her added weight. But cats are jerks so this is to be expected. Also, this pillow is quite large. I have a queen sized bed and this is the equivalent of adding another body to the bed. My husband can get kind of pushed close to his edge of the bed. Overall, I would definitely recommend this for getting a little relief while navigating pregnancy sleep issues.
AMAZING! My work wont let me put my feet on a chair next to me when no one is here for it. Soooo I bought this bad boy to get past that works like a charm.
I purchased these for our lab unit and item was as described and delivered in a timely manner. Purchases like this make shopping online a pleasure.
These Secure Grip gloves are a great addition to my kitchen! As much as I like the original NoCry gloves for making it safer to use knives and the mandolin, the new version with the grips are even better. They're especially helpful when cutting up smooth skinned fruit like watermelons, honeydew, etc., or any food that you need some help holding it still while you cut. The fit is great, snug but not too tight, and although they're washable, I put food grade rubber gloves on over the NoCry gloves when I'm working with different foods for a meal. If I have chicken or another meat to cut, plus veggies or fruits, it's easy to keep the NoCry gloves on and just change rubber gloves between items to avoid cross contamination.
Great gloves for cutting in the kitchen. I love the way the work. Using all my new cutting tools these keep me from cutting my fingers. I ordered a medium and should have ordered a small but with pushing the fingertips down they do work great.
These were purchased for the purpose of protecting my hands from cuts when whittling wood. The fit is perfect for me. I tend to need a woman's size L in regular gloves but these fit snug. I do hope they hold up for a good while so I can complete some projects.
very well made. I purchased two and ended up only using one as it covered what I needed on the back porch. Might give my other one to my Son for his back porch. Seems to be very sturdy as we've had a lot of rain and high winds. Great material.
this is an excellent purchase...had on the pergola of my front deck all summer...just took it down for the winer...still looks like new....plan to purchase a second one in the spring....very durable and good looking....
This is a great product! It is sturdy, well made and durable. This can easily be placed anywhere it is needed at any time, so it is exactly what we were looking for!
We purchased this sun shade for over our chicken run to provide extra shade for our chicks. Product was just as described. Well made, and easy to install. We will definitely be ordering again as we expand our outdoor projects.
This sunscreen is heavy duty construction works great for blistering Arizona heat! Also stands up to above average wind, great purchase!
Really help with the sun. The turnbuckles/chain make a bit of noise when they flap in the wind.
I like that it's thick, it's almost "water proof." But it IS for changing diapers and we've definitely had some accidents on it. The stains are difficult to come out. I purchased those fuzzy changing pad covers when we needed more (2 covers are NOT enough!!!) and those are definitely softer and easier to wipe messes from. However, this one IS organic.
Love it !
For the price, it's what you'd expected. Velcro all the way down one corer. Thin material. I'd expect it to last 2-3 years with moderate use.
As advertised
The hook-and-loop part is the right amount of grippy---not so grippy that it will rip up whatever you stick the hooks to. I got this "high temperature adhesive" tape because I was using it to attach rubber floor mats to my car's carpet and did not want to buy a tape with gummy glue that would melt all over the carpet in the summer. However, I installed the tape in the dead of winter, and the adhesive does not do as well in the cold. It holds the mats to the floor securely enough, but if I peel them back to clean them or look for a dropped item underneath, the hook side stays on the floor, and the adhesive separates from the mat, when I believe most people agree it should be the opposite way. Maybe it will perform better in more mild temperatures.
got these to fix my convertible window...holding up surprisingly well i thought they would be a lil thicker
Adhesive is not that strong and neither is the Velcro
Used this to custom cut pieces to hold my motor-home cushions in place. Did the job with plenty left over. Would buy again.
the tape is great, it holds really well. Can't find enough things to use it on. Made a good choice in selecting this tape over others.
Very strong
Bought this as a co-sleeper for my baby but within a month there has been significant sagging at the center. With a ton of padding it seems to do the job.
This is a great changing pad! It is a great size and has a great feel to it. My son spends a lot of time on this pad, so it is great to know that there are no toxic chemicals in this that he is being exposed to and no funny smell. I would pay the price for this over the more affordable foam pads which contain flame retardants and other chemicals. I have bought several of these and would purchase more in a heart beat.
after countless hours of research to ensure my baby's nursery was as non-toxic as possible, i placed the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad on my registry. i've been using the changing pad for 7 weeks and it does all i need it to do - gives baby a comfortable place to lie while i change him. in addition to the changing pad, i purchased two changing pad covers from the same company (two for when one was in the wash). do NOT waste yours or anyone else's money. this changing pad is waterproof and slick so that if it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it down with soap and water or baby wipe. the changing pad covers are soft absorbent cotton so when they get dirty - they're dirty and need laundered. the reviewer that gave the changing pad 1 star has no common sense. i would never rely on the changing pad's belt or table snaps to secure my child. you NEVER, EVER take a steady, firm hand off the baby while s/he is on a high surface (such as a changing station) without safety rails (such as a crib) and for that reason, i've never utilized those features.
I bought this a few months ago and have been using it since. It is very well made and easy to put on. I had a couple of other organic mattress pad cover to change off into, but this one is my favorite. I am now going to buy two more.
i received both the Naturepedic Changing Pad and two Changing Pad Covers from my registry. the covers are nice but it's impossible to keep them clean for any reasonable length of time (especially with a newborn who is constantly needing changed). other than being a little cozier than the bare changing pad, there really aren't any other benefits to outweigh the frequent need to launder the absorbent covers. the changing pad is awesome since it's waterproof and can easily be wiped down with soap and water or with a baby wipe when accidents occur.
No off-gassing, made in the USA, has lasted through two children, enough said!! Buy it and extra cover, you're set!
Worked great for my grandson. Now my granddaughter will use it when born in 2015. A great product. Prompt delivery.
Not greatly absorbant but enough. I like the larger size. It fits pretty well on the shelling pad that is under it. My two Labradoodle pups will keep you in business! ????
Great for pee pee pads very fast delivery,
Fit is important so one can grip foods and cutlery, this one is perfect! I used the hand measurements guide to get the right size for me. They worked great!
No-Cry Cut Resistant Gloves fit my small hands well and protect them from cuts and abrasions around the kitchen. I use them when cutting vegetables. They are well made and comfortable.
Great product! Wouldn't use my mandolin slicer without them!
very use full.
Perfect snug fit on my 2014 R/T Dodge Charger. Covered the entire vehicle even the wheels. Leaving about 1.5 inches of tire exposed. It's also waterproof, keeping The Charger dry from all the melting snow that fell January 22/23rd 2016, during the SnowZilla Blizzard here in Washington DC.
I was pleasantly surprised that the cover fit even better then I thought it would. Very happy with cover and perfect snug fit. Also love the side view mirror pockets.
I was, at first, skeptical at the quality of this item when I ordered it, but I took the plunge based on the good reviews. Well I wasn't at all disappointed once I opened the package. The sail is of a thick material that resembles burlap, but not as rough. It is stretchable to get just that right amount of tautness for a nice clean look on install. The border seams are well reinforced and the rings on each end are well sewn in. I ordered three and used them as sun shades for my above ground pool. I didn't want sun shades that completely blocked out the sun. So the gaps in between these triangles are perfect to allow pure sunlight through while the sails block out enough sun, yet allows light to filter through. These 16' triangles are perfect for my 9'x12' oval pool.
A lot bigger than i thought. I hung it up in a bamboo tree house as the roof. Super cool.
We have young kids playing in our backyard and wanted an elegant way to provide daily shade. This sail is made of durable material, and was surprisingly easy to install. We installed three hooks to three different points in our backyard (side of the house, and two fence posts) and then looked up a secure knot mechanism (we chose the Buntline Hitch, which is an easy google search) to tie up each point of the sail. My husband and I were able to tackle this project with just the two of us,a drill, and a ladder. The sail, once pulled taut, looks fantastic. It's water-proof claim was already tested when my kids took the hose to it by accident- and it dried quickly! This was a great addition to our recently redone backyard. The only drawback I might call out is the rope. We used the rope that was included with the sail, and noticed that it started unraveling slightly when we were tying the knots. I might suggest buying a separate, more durable rope or potentially finding a way to seal the ends of the rope with super glue, etc. to ensure a tight fasten.
Good sail shade. We were not sure how well these would work to help shade the south facing side of our home, it worked great, so we purchased 2 more. Had to use additional parachute/rope that I had & so we can drop it down easily, installed D-clips with (2) thick eye-hooks per stringer (6 total) so we can quickly unhook & drop them down in case of bad weather, high winds or to throw them in a laundry bag & wash them. We've had our1st shade up for 2 months now & they are rugged, haven't stretched/faded & they look great/we get lots of compliments on them. Plan on spending a couple hours & a trip or 2 to the hardware store to get them mounted exactly how you want them. Ours are mounted 15' up on the house side, then angle down about 10degrees towards the fence & slightly overlap. Still have some sun that peaks through, but during the hottest times, is typically 10-15 degrees cooler in the shaded areas.
I bought two of these last year and this year. One beige and another one red just like this one. The beige still going on strong this one is starting to rip. I hope it was just a bad batch. It says 5 year warranty when I bought it now it says 3. I hope there are no issues replacing this product. Update. Changed from1 star to 3 stars since they were quick to replace the item. No issues.
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