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JIAHE grey stitch bonded fabric supplier for mattress

JIAHE grey stitch bonded fabric supplier for mattress

JIAHE grey stitch bonded fabric supplier for mattress

100% polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials which is used for foam are best seller product in Jiahe. Normal we produce the cream color with 90gsm and grey color with 100gsm for the coated stitchbond non-fr materials.

Product Name:10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials
Raw Materials:Polyester yarn and line
Weight:100gsm or 90gsm
Color:Dark Grey or Deep Cream

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Wonderful quality, enough weight and width;

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Good Strength
Soft or stiff hand-feel, breathable, anti slip;

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Hand and soft feeling
Good tension intensity; Resistant to corrosion;

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UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
CFR1633 for USA market and BS5852 for UK market;


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10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials are widely used in USA mattress box springs for the feature of non slip and good performance.

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100gsm and 2.1m 10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials can upholstery the mattress and furniture.

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140gsm and 82 inch 10 gauge coated stitch-bonded materials can do the USA flame-restardant with FR1633.


One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

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 sample with freight prepaid

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100% strict quality testing before sending out the goods

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Punctual delivery

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High level after-sale service


Professional manufacture: We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


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JIAHE grey stitch bonded fabric supplier for mattress-27



2 inch diameter for paper roll

100 meters per roll with plastic bag ( mostly we do according to customer requires)

 27,000m-28,000m in a 20 feet container

 38,000m-39,000m in a 40 feet container

 55,000m-56,000m in a 40 feet high container

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JIAHE grey stitch bonded fabric supplier for mattress-30

Exactly as described and arrived perfectly on time! Cant go wrong here if you need Hook/Loop 1" product! I used it to reinstall my bed rug in the back of my truck and it worked perfectly for the intended use.
I love this thing. It has never failed me. I haven't used it in heavy weight situations but it has been excellent in high temperature applications (car dash).
The gloves are somewhat restricting as they are not very flexible so far. Hoping they will get more flexible with continued use.
Just what you want from a protective drop cloth.
I am a glass artist and am SO HAPPY with these gloves. Now when cutting and handling glass for my fused glass projects my hands are protected, and I don't have to worry about the glass slipping out of my fingers. The little micro dots do a terrific job of giving me an assured grip. Also the gloves are comfortable on my hand for a long session in my studio. I just hold the gloves in my hand before putting them on, and slightly stretch the material to give it a little bit more "give". Already own the non-microdot gloves for use in my kitchen. This is now my third pair of gloves purchased so that I can cycle them through the glass studio, kitchen and laundry (remember to hand wash/line dry). Yes, I'd recommend these gloves!
Very nice! It is easy to put on and our home floor will be protected very well. My parents like wear outside shoes in the rooms now they can use these shoe covers.
Basic disposable shoe covers, they look nice, not for extended use , but I was able to reuse them for a few times as long as you don't get them wet. I have given them to the daycare center to keep the floor clean.
Pretty good
Great pillow. Just wish it was a tad longer. I'm 5'4" and if I lay on my side with my head on the pillow and the pillow tucked into my shoulder with my arm underneath , it doesn't reach my feet. Still comfortable for my knees and belly bump, but wish my ankles/feet were supported, too. Again, great pillow, I guess it depends on your position preference and how Small you get in the fetal position. Also, I tossed mine in the dryer before using, since the packaging flattened it, and made it extra puffy and comfy!
I have two. these are the best. worth the money
Easy to use, we screwed the back straps into the dresser and it fits snugly.
This changing pad seems much thicker and sturdier than others I've seen and I like that it's organic since my baby doesn't need to be exposed to harmful toxins. It's a little pricey but I figure my son's longterm health is worth it.
This is a good changing pad, my only bit of confusion is how to attach it to the furniture. It seems that two snaps need to be fitted right into the furniture. Some simple directions would have been helpful but were not included.
Ordered this for my cubicle and I love it!
Excellent shade for my patio! Love it. Probably 10 degrees cooler on my deck. I also ordered the hardware for mounting, this makes it easier to put up & take down when you want too. I read the reviews on this product and was concerned about the size issue, but upon receipt, I must say I don't know what they were talking about. This thing is every bit of 8 x12!
Not sure why I bought this. Everyone can use Velcro though.
Highest quality - worth the price.
Came on time. Size is really good.
The box is adorable and perfect and so are the booties ! I put them right at the front entrance of my listings and works like a charm !
These are awesome. No shoes in the house for sure, peoblem is when maintenance people come in walking on the carpet, who knows where their shoes had been. That was driving me nuts, that's why I got these and they're great! Delivery was on time too.
Not cheap plastic, so they can be reused. I have a dirt driveway and when it rains the sand clings and gets tracked in. I personally remove my shoes, but for the repairman wearing lace up boots....not so easy....or maybe I'd prefer certain people don't come into my home in their stocking feet. Then there are those who don't, for whatever reason, want to be barefoot or stocking foot in my house. Whatever the situation, I no longer have concerns and guests appreciate my thoughtfulness for them!
This did not fit my desk so I am unable to use it.
gave this to my dad as a gift so he could put it over his pool and he says it works great. it gives enough shade over one part of his pool so he can stay cool while he is out there with the grandkids. He said it was really easy to put up as well. I may get him another to give a little more shade in the hot florida sun.
Sail is sturdier than I believed it would be. I installed the sail last week and the very next day we had sustained winds of 30 mph with gusts over 40. The metal D rings and the triple stitched seams held together perfectly. Time will tell how it holds up long term, but am impressed to begin with.
I bought many different pee pads since my two dogs are trained to do their business both outside and pee pads if they like to do indoor. This product is one of the best pee pads. They are large enough and absorb a lot. I bought them because they have a good price too. Highly recommended!
I can't vouch fit long term durability yet, but I used it to winterize my RV as we live in a snowy climate. Huge, plenty large enough to cover my 40 fit class A, and then some. Good thick, reinforced corners. Non-corner grommets are not reinforced but appear to be plenty durable.
It works. Zipper should make it easier to access the stack (previous purchase had to be lifted off or folded back) A better grade might come when I've used it for awhile.
This piece is spectacular! it shades, the rain does go through it but very little, like a mist. durable, excellent purchase.
Well made and held up well through the summer and fall season. But, the metal rings are not stainless and have begun to rust.
Exactly what was needed, also they include wall mountings (4 ea) with D rings which work in many situations.
Be aware that the total size exceeds 8 x 12 for hanging. As shown in the picture, the sail is not square, but tapered. The d-ring eyelets extend past the stated dimensions. For example, you'll need at least 14' of space for the 12' side to secure the d-rings and tighten the sail. I bought another model from the same manufacturer many months ago and the quality is very good. I live in Key Largo, Florida, and the material is holding up very well even in our frequent rains, winds, and storms. The d-rings are beginning to rust (they should have been stainless steel instead of steel), but other than that I'm very happy.
Great screen. We have been using it for about a month in very windy conditions - doesn't show any signs of deterioration.
This fit the space perfectly and was exactly what we needed. Solid build quality, super easy to "install". Grommets appear of good quality.
It's kinda annoying. There is a thing to adjust the height but it keeps coming off. It doesn't hold in place so you have to keep adjusting it. Other than that, it's fine.
I use this backpack as a diaper bag. It's compact and lightweight, yet durable. Hasn't been tested in rain yet. It has a divided section probably for a laptop that I use for the changing pad and diapers. The small zipper pouch was not included as shown in the photos. I'm still extremely satisfied with this inexpensive purchase.
It supports my neck, back, can put in between your legs hip/pelvic support and helps me sleep a lot better through the night. I wish I would have gotten this earlier. You can also sit it up against the head board or wall of your bed or couch if you need support sitting up. My husband says he's burning it after the baby cause it takes up his space in the bed and I don't cuddle with him any more lol I absolutely love this pillow!
Very comfy. Makes sleeping on my side so much better. I normally am a belly sleeper, but this pillow helps me to stay supported and sleep on my side. It's nice how it wraps around you and you don't have to move it like a regular pillow. It's also nice for propping me up when sitting in bed.
I bought this for my sister to use with her new baby, and she loves it. It fits perfectly on her changing table, looks nice and is very soft to the touch. Clean-up is a breeze too.
Money well spent. I highly recommend this product for baby.
These are perfect for me. Make sure you order your correct size because if it is too big it would be hard to maneuver the knife and onion. Mine luckily fits perfectly and I feel so safe with them. I would say they run true to size,so don't try to order up is my advise.
Excellent design, quality, and warranty. Their concern for customer service was demonstrated by the president of the company sending an email assuring the satisfaction of this product or they would gladly give a refund or exchange for a different size.
I love these gloves. They are light-weight but easy to work in and very effective at protecting against cuts. The only issue was with Amazon not delivering on time. Can't hold that against the manufacturer.
Interestingly the gloves make holding onto something you’re cutting harder as the material doesn’t allow for as form a grip as your fingers. That makes it a little worrisome that slippage of the item being cut could cause the knife to slip too. I’m still unsure about how useful this glove is. I got a small and it’s still too long for my fingers.
I had tried many shade sail from different seller now, and all the fabric are too dense that it would collect water during rain. I had few got tear apart because I forgot to remove them. Finally got this one that can let the water pass through, yet filter all the strong sun light. The texture fits well with my pergola.
Comes exactly as described. The hardware is good quality metal and easy to mount on wood surfaces. (if you need to mount the hardware on a brick or stone surface, you will have to buy different screws). The rope is nice and thick with lots of length. The sail itself is well constructed and shields from the sun extremely well.
After measuring my hand as instructed, I ordered a Medium Size pair of gloves which fit me quite big. I sent an email to the Seller who replied by saying they will send me a Small Size pair of Gloves at no additional cost and without having to return the Medium size pair. And so they did. My Small size pair of No Cry Gloves arrived as promised. They work just great!! The first days, they feel like I am wearing winter gloves but they do protect my hands when using knives and other kitchen utensils. I am very happy with them.
I have just started spending a lot of time at my desk and have always kept a something to put my feet up on. Now that I found this my comfort level has sky rocketed. My only negative comments are that (1) the ropes are a bit too long and I had to toy with it to make ti work at a good high (although too long is much better than too short) and (2) I wish it was a bit wider. This is a great product!
I like it and feel like it'll last! It washes well and I love that it's organic. Can't complain about the quality!
I almost returned this because the fit was so poor out of the box. After washing however, it shrank up and fits fine now. Very soft.
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