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JIAHE fabric mattress cover manufacturer for covers

JIAHE fabric mattress cover manufacturer for covers

JIAHE fabric mattress cover manufacturer for covers

100% Polyester or mix with Viscose
70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, or customized
Eco friendly , Shrink Resistant , Tear Resistant, Waterproof
Supply type
Make to order
Different patterns base on customers’ requests
Make to order
Place of Origin
HuiZhou, China
T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, West Union
Delivery Time
15-20 Days
Trade Terms
Export Port
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CFR 1633 coated stitchbond fabrics is widely used as mattress filler cloth. This stitchbond is mainly produced by FR viscose and polyester fiber. The FR feature for this fabric is inherently in gray fabric. After finish the white fabrics, we then coated the color as customer’s required with FR coating materials.

Product Name:CFR 1633 coated Stitchbond mattress filler cloth
Raw Materials:100% polyester of imported materials
Sample:Free with freight collect

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Best quality, adequate weight and width;

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Good Strength
Soft and hard feeling, eco-friendly, anti slip;

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Hand and soft feeling
Good strength and elongation;

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UK BS5852 & USA CFR 1633
Flame retardant with BS5852 and CFR1633 processed;



NON FR Stitchbond

FR BS5852 Stitchbond



Mostly FR viscose

FR Technical


Use FR viscose materials to make it flame retardant without any processing

Burning Picture

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Burning Effect


Fabric shrinkage reaches the flame extinction

Burning Smell

like burning a plastic bottle

Like burning a paper



No less than 135gsm


Home and aboard



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One-stop shopping from gray fabric to coating fabric.
 One-stop shopping from white stitchbond and print stitch-bond to coated stitch-bonded and FR stitchbonding.

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Free sample with freight collect

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100% strict quality testing and control procedure before shipping

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Punctual delivery

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Excellent after-sale service


Professional manufacture:We have 4 new and advanced stitchbond production line, 2 hot setting machines, one print machine, one coat machine and 3 packaging machines.
Reasonable price,can catch your target Price.
We have excellent and experienced technician team and quality control experts to make superior quality, best service and punctual delivery.
Years of export experience and we hire employee with high education qualification.
We can customize your order to meet your market demand.


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Works good for my daughters softball dugout. Keeps the direct sun off the girls.
I liked the first one and then got two more. Had to take down a major shade tree that was too close to the house, so these are providing the much needed shade to the south side of the house.
Going to sound weird but these work great as large area pee pads for puppy’s and dogs. We cut them to size as needed.
Not bad for the money, it won't hold up to heavy or everyday use, but for someone who is a diy'er it's perfect.
These gloves are comfortable. They offer the protection I have needed so long for use in the kitchen. I look forward to using them instead of a band aid from one of the three boxes I keep handy in the bottom cabinet.
used da groves this weekend for fishing..Me and my friends loved them they ask me were I got them from and I told them...But I'm just going to get more from u soon...I GIVE THEM 5 STARS....GREAT FOR GRABBING THE FISH WITH.....WE GOT NO CUTS...
This hammock is a great idea and probably manufactured very inexpensively. It's very helpful during my 10+ hour shifts, providing a change in foot position. I have a treadmill desk that is 4 feet wide and this easy stretches with room to spare. I think it will fit just about any desk. The metal pieces that hang off the sides of the desk are an odd shape and don't sit flat on my desk but this doesn't seem to create any kind of problem for utilization of the hammock. It is fully adjustable, which is nice and last night at work I made 2 quick adjustments as my level desire changed over the course of my shift. The one drawback is that it doesn't stay put well. A 10 cent squeeze-release type of adjuster would be much better suited. I just looped the extra string around the adjuster and held pretty well. For 10 bucks it's a very handy item and I will be using it on a daily basis. I received the item at a discount for my honest opinion.
Easily one of the best desk accessories- why don't we see more of these!? I am an avid gamer and find myself retreating to the couch from time to time - now, its easy to kick your feet up and relax. Well made, easy to adjust. Do it!
Perfect for my desk at work.
This item was for my wife. She really likes it. It isn’t the best quality but none are and for the price it isn’t bad. The wife loves it and a few of her co-workers got them and love them too.
The hooks did not fit my desk since I don't have a conventional desk, however, I was able to tie it and works great.
Love this! I have very short legs and my feet rarely reach the ground when sitting in anything other than a child size chair. So I have this under my desk at work. my legs no longer go numb from dangling.
It serves it's purpose but it's kind of narrow I wish is was a little wider
Pros: The quality of this hammock is excellent for it's price, but personally I haven't experienced it's comfort because I keep falling asleep while using it. Cons: I might get fired if I keep using this.
Love this product! It shipped super fast and was super easy to install at my desk! I can't. Relive I've waited so long to buy one!
Works like a charm. Can't ask for more.
Sunshade is great; MANUFACTUER could enhnace product, by adding a grommet in center of edge webbing for addt'l attchments, otherwise, works as described.
The sun shade is five stars. It's our second one of the same sail just a little larger than the first one we purchased. I would give the 2nd one a zero star because it says that it includes the mount hardware and mine had NO hardware so now I have to spend another $16 which makes it not so reasonably priced.
Great shade. I am using it second summer. Didn't fade, didn't rip. Love it.
All my cute wrapping paper is too tall to fit in this but the short ones fit well and so do the items in the top. To be honest I knew the long rolls wont fit, I have had this organizer bag before and liked it. Gotta remember to only get smaller paper.
I love how wide the inside is! You can easily fit many, many rolls of wrapping paper inside
Because of being older, I needed something compact and easy to get up in the attic. This was perfect and also made me reduce my inventory of Christmas paper that wasn't needed.
I like how they were packed. The shoe covers were easy to un roll and use. They are for average size feet for men & women so If a guy had a shoe size of 13 + these covers will not fit for them. I don't know whether they can be recycled and that would make me feel better if they were.
I bought these to use in my house. I don’t allow people to walk in with their shoes past the entrance. There perfect if you have maintenance people come over and can’t take there boots off .
Purchased these booties because I’m selling my house. The weather has been sloppy with lots of snowy days. I’ve put them by my front door and it has saved me lots of clean ups.
I think this is a very useful purchase if you would have parties at home. They relax the hosts and the visitors about the carpet or floor. I got this for my rental home open house. I am very happy about the purchase.
Great for the price. Used them when we were having work done in our home. Most of the workers complained that they were too small to comfortable fit over their work boots. The no slip grip works nicely.
very good! When a friend comes, there is no need to prepare slippers. It can be placed directly on the shoes.
The gloves fit wel. They arrived on time.
Works good, washable
Work great.
Cut Resistant and I haven't cried while wearing it! Accurate Marketing !
I bought this pillow to help in my pregnancy discomfort. Olive decided that I could just suck it up & figure something else out. This is her pillow now. She gives it 5 stars.
The hammock feels sturdy and attaches to pretty much anything you can get the brackets around because of the extra long straps. My desk is a little weird, but I was able to hook it onto some of the metal bits underneath and it hasn't fallen or slipped at all. It feels nice on bare feet too. I find this much more comfortable and versatile than some of the footrests out there and it's way cheaper. All my expectations were met and I'm very happy with my purchase!
This thing is great but It does slip a lot. I would give it 5 stars if it would slip all the time. I do have a corner desk and I think this is meant more for a straight desk but I don't think it would hold that well with a straight desk either. I'm certain there's a way I can fix this issue but I just haven't had the time to figure it out yet.
I really wanted to love this product, I tried so many different things to get it to work for me, but alas it's now sitting in the corner unused. Here's why: 1. The hooks scraped the crap out of my desk. There's NO padding anywhere other than directly below the hook. The sides will ding up your desk if they move. 2. The hooks move constantly. 3. The hooks fall off 4. The rope kept slipping and getting off kilter.
Pregnant or not, you need this comfort in your life! I have a body pillow, and it doesn't come close to the comfort this pillow gives you. Absolutely worth the money. I will be purchasing more for family & friends.
If you are pregnant you definitely need this pillow. My husband and I had words about this pillow every night lol. It's awesome
This really could be a fantastic product, but for the price you pay you really should expect a better standard of quality. The seams at one corner busted after only four weeks whereas our Burt's Bees Baby changing pad covers are still going strong after many more washes...
This is the best changing table on the market. Even our baby seems to love it. We call it her "safe place" because she often calms down when we lie her down in it. I love that it has furniture fasteners and a safety belt. As for fitted covers, if you're looking for something more interesting, there are tons of options on Etsy for any nursery decor you dream up.
For the price, I certainly expected this to better fit the Naturepedic 2-sided organic changing pad. Even after washing and drying, the fabric of this cover was loose and bunchy over the pad and frankly it makes the whole expensive set-up look sloppy. Not happy.
Fits perfectly into my pottery barn changing table. My Aden and Anais changing pad covers fit perfectly on this as well.
Great changing pad. Has really stood up over the last 7 months. Well made and worth the extra money. Does not show any signs of wear after daily use for 7 months. I've seen other changing pads pealing and just looking gross. This is such a great product! I use the organic cover made by naturepedic.
Works great to change dirty diapers. Stays put on top of dresser. Anchored to back of dresser and clip baby in so she doesn't fall off
We love this pad - easy to wipe down after accidents, easy to strap baby down, and easy to attach pad to our changing table.
Fast delivery. Great product. I use the changing pad several times a day and I am very happy with it.
I'm so happy we got this to put on a dresser for a changing table. I try to be minimalistic so wasn't sure it was necessary but I am always grateful for it. She's so comfortable on it and it easily turned our otherwise dresser into a changing table.
Best pads I ever found for my adult terrier who prefers pads over the outdoors. These pads are very absorbent. Will definitely order again. Thanks!
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