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is roofing felt toxic for floors?

by:JIAHE     2019-11-09
When installing wooden floors in areas where moisture is easily gathered (such as a basement or bathroom), it is important to put down the moisture barrier first.
The barrier will protect the porous floor from damage caused by moisture absorption.
While there are several products specifically designed for this purpose, some installers choose roof felt as their barrier.
Roof felt, also known as waterproof cloth, is the most commonly used protective barrier between home wooden roofs and wooden tiles or other roof materials.
The wind-proof waterproof cloth adds extra protection when the wooden tile is scraped off during the storm.
It is usually made of fiberglass wool soaked in asphalt, which makes the material waterproof.
In addition to fiberglass, there are two other variants made of polyester and recycled rags.
In all cases, moisture-proof agents are added to make the material moisture-proof.
Most flooring manufacturers recommend laying moisture-proof barriers when installing floors on the ground (slab)
Floor or finished basement.
Although there are several products specially made for this purpose, some installers choose to use the roof felt when installing wooden floors due to low cost and good moisture resistance.
Another advantage of laying wood floors on plywood is that felt absorbs vibration, thus reducing noise.
Concern about Roof felt of asphalt dipping agent (
Asphalt and asphalt)
And whether the smoke from this feeling will enter the room.
A steam barrier like Kraft paper captures any of this smoke, but depending on the floor material, this may not be necessary.
The wood floor will act as a steam barrier, usually laid directly on the top of the felt.
Roof felt is not considered toxic and is not listed as a carcinogenic substance.
Under normal use, the product is considered stable and unresponsive.
No longer used to make roof felt, in the old (pre-1990)
Roll of material.
Originally used for fire-
Asbestos used to account for 15% of the material, the resistance and the ability to strengthen the fabric.
Asbestos was gradually discontinued in the 1980 s.
If you plan to use roof felt, be sure to purchase new materials from famous sources such as the home building center.
Never repeat the old feeling.
Since roof felt is made of petroleum products, it is flammable.
During installation, there should be no fire or smoking near the product.
Once the safety between the children
Floors and newly laid floors, materials will not be threatened by open fire and will not be more threatened by fire than when used on the roof of a building.
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