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If you are looking for ways to improve your phone

by:JIAHE     2020-07-06
1. Exercise. Exercise with common phone interview questions before the actual phone call. Find the best answers and learn them. The sound of your voice is important so it would be a great idea to test it with a microphone or do a short role play with a friend of yours and ask for his feedback at the end. 2. Smile. By smiling your voice sounds better, as if you're happy and energetic. Stand-up while you're speaking on the phone, salespeople use this old trick when they call the clients. Smiling conveys energy and helps you feel more self-assured. 3. Prepare yourself. Bring everything you need before starting the interview. Tape some of the files on the on the desk where you'll be sitting during the interview or on the wall next to you so you can see them easily. The files you need to get are as follows: your CV, the company description, a list of common phone interview questions and answers and a list of interview questions to ask. You should also have a pen, a piece of paper for notes and a glass of water next to you. 4. Environment. Make sure there is no nearby distraction when the phone interview begins. Try to be someplace indoors when the interviewer rings. Make sure you're in a quiet room where you feel adequate. Turn off the cell phone, radio, television set and everything that can distract you. Ask your family or roommates to give you some privacy during the interview. 5. Common mistakes. Do not speak at the same time as the interviewer; listen to him carefully. Do not eat or chew anything during the call. Avoid silent awkward moments. It's good to be enthusiastic but don't overreact. Never speak about personal topics and try to focus on the job requirements and how you can carry through them. If you use this advice your results will improve greatly. Don't forget that it's key to have a list of phone interview questions and at the same time you need to memorize the responses to the most common phone interview questions. Act natural; don't worry too much about the outcome and in the end try to slip in some phone interview questions to ask.
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