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how to make square corners in the bottom of tote bags

by:JIAHE     2020-02-22
The tote bag is especially handy when you have several different items to carry with you and your wallet or backpack is already full.
Make your tote bag more convenient, give it a square corner, which creates a flat bottom for the bag so that when you put it down, it can stand up on its own instead of sliding
You don\'t need to have too much sewing experience to make this simple modification to your tote bag in just a few minutes.
Turn over the handbag.
Push the right side of the bag down so that the right side seam of the bag is aligned with the bottom seam of the bag.
This will create a triangle shape from the back corner created by the right and bottom seams.
Use a ruler to locate the point where the width of the triangle is the same as the width at the bottom of your wish handbag.
So, if you want the bottom of the tote bag to be 3 inch wide, then you need to find the point where the triangle is 3 inch wide.
Sew directly at that point on the width of the triangle.
Keep stitching at the beginning and end of the seam.
Repeat with the left side of the bag so that both ends of the bottom of the bag are square.
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