We specialize in stitchbond for over 14 year.


How about JIAHE independent R&D capabilities?
HUIZHOU JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH CO.,LTD's R&D team's excellent product knowledge and unfettered creativity are obtained through detailed processing and testing of non woven bag material enabling us to develop revolutionary, new or improved solutions. Independent research and development capabilities are the DNA of our company. Our main goal is to continuously innovate the market to stay ahead of our competitors.

JIAHE enjoys high reputation at overseas and many companies offer to contact us for business cooperation. JIAHE focuses on providing a variety of non slip tape for customers. The design of JIAHE fire retardant fabric is completed by utilizing the versatility of the 3D system which gives our designers greater expressive autonomy, allowing them to reproduce highly complex and imaginative designs easily. Various sizes of Jiahe stitchbonded fabric meet different needs. our team NON WOVEN FABRIC has set up its own global sales channel for non slip tape. Jiahe stitchbond fabric comes in different widths and weights, depending on the clients' requirements.

Ensuring high quality for fire retardant fabric is our commitment. Check now!
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