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homeowners left holding the bags

by:JIAHE     2019-11-12
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 15/7/2010 (2894 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Flood emergency in Manitoba
The co-ordination center has operated non
Stop for 99 days and the fight against floods is not over yet.
\"We look better at this time, but no one takes anything for granted,\" said Chuck Sanderson, executive director of emergency measures.
\"What are you looking (happening)
Lake Manitoba and Lake Prince
Those are still fighting.
But when the flood began to weaken
Go back and reveal the drowning-
Fields of farmers and destroyed seaside properties
A whole new problem arises: how to deal with the millions of sandbags in the province.
It is estimated that there may be as many as 20 million sandbags in flood areas throughout Manitoba.
Provincial emergency response alone distributed between 8 and 10 million sandbags, with millions of dollars in revenue from municipalities and individual owners.
Big projects like the military
It is believed that up to 3 million sandbags were used in the construction of the asiniboine river embankment.
Many of the major dams will be demolished by the rural municipalities, but more will be handled by individual homeowners.
For those who start to clean up the property, the question of how to deal with all these sandbags can be difficult to answer.
Anatomy of sandbags although many sandbags can be reused, none of them can be recycled.
Most of the scattered sandbags throughout the province are woven polypropylene sandbags or \"sandbags\" designed to withstand long contact with water;
They are not biodegradable.
Although they may be water
Long exposure to UV-resistant sunlight will accelerate their degradation, and eventually the sandbag dam you have carefully built will sink and break.
Sanderson says most sandbags start to break after three or four months of direct UV exposure.
Should you put them at hand? God forbid —
Next time the water is raised?
Homeowners in the flood area should not remove their sandbags embankment until they are fully sure the water is fading, EMO said.
\"Once the flood is flooding, people want to return to normal,\" Sanderson said . \". \"(But)
You should keep the sandbag dam until you really know the risk is gone.
\"After the danger passed, Sanderson said that individuals should be free to use uncontaminated sandbags at home and around their property at will, but it is not advisable to stick to them for flood purposes for more than a few months.
Sanderson said: \"The actual material will degrade over time, thus reducing water
Flood control resistance and ineffective.
In your home and yard, sandbags that are not exposed to floods are considered uncontaminated and can be used for multiple purposes.
Many homeowners find 18 kilograms of sand in each bag useful in the garden, in the driveway, and on the sidewalk during the winter.
But Sanderson says any sandbags exposed to floods can be contaminated with sewage, oil, fertilizer or chemical runoff and can be harmful to humans.
\"If it is flooded, then it may be contaminated,\" Sanderson said . \".
\"It\'s better not to use them for anything that has human contact.
No flood.
The touched sand should appear in your garden or in your child\'s sandbox.
Contaminated sandbags should not be placed around your property and should be disposed of in a landfill.
Get rid of these sandbags depending on where you live, there may be many options for handling contaminated sandbags.
\"Make sure you know what your city government is doing and what is not allowed to do,\" Sanderson said . \".
He added that some municipalities have proposed to remove the sandbags of the residents, but the residents often have to deal with the sandbags themselves.
Some cities, such as Cartier RM, nearly 50 kilometers west of Winnipeg, have set up a sandbag warehouse where residents can put down excess sandbags.
Those who live in cities that do not offer disposal services can hire a private company to carry their luggage.
Financial assistance for disasters may cover this cost.
Although it sounds like there are a lot of sandbags around the province, Sanderson said that this is not much given the scale of the flood disaster in Manitoba.
\"When you think about the wide geographic scope of the problem, it\'s quite important,\" Sanderson said . \".
\"This is an incredible flood we have never seen before.
\"It\'s also the first time emergency measures organizations have to fill out and distribute millions of sandbags to help municipalities overwhelmed by demand. \"We shipped it in advance.
\"He made bags to the municipalities to help them keep up with the demand,\" Sanderson said . \" Sanderson began planning a flood response in last November.
\"This is a long flood season. \"meghan.
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