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global medical nonwoven disposables market 2016: industry analysis, market size, share, growth and f

by:JIAHE     2020-02-01
A new market research report on disposable medical non-woven fabrics in the world
2014-Market Opportunities and Forecasts
2020 \"to supplement the collection of its research report.
Medical non-woven disposable products are indispensable products in the field of health care.
These products are more popular than woven fabrics because they provide better sanitary conditions and help effectively avoid contamination and infection.
Increased incidence of hospitals
The global issue of acquired infections and incontinence in adults is generating demand for disposable medical non-woven products on the market.
The increasing popularity of medical non-woven disposable products among doctors and the improvement of global health awareness have greatly promoted the growth of the market.
In addition, the increase in per capita health care expenditure, strict government regulations on health and health, especially in hospital settings, the increase in global population aging and the improvement of lifestyle, have all contributed to the global medical
On the contrary, there is growing concern about the disposal of medical non-woven products and the minimum growth trend
Invasive surgery and robotic-assisted surgery will hinder market growth.
The first strategy adopted by market leaders is product release and acquisition.
In North America, for example, Kimberly Clark has introduced many improved and new incontinence products in the field of personal care, with brands including Poise and Depend.
In addition, Medtronic bought Covidien for about $49.
2014 9 billion.
With the acquisition of Covidien, the company has strengthened its position in the field of surgical products.
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The medical non-woven disposable products market is divided into product types and geographical areas.
According to the type of product, the market is divided into incontinence products and surgical non-woven products.
Surgical non-woven products account for the majority of the global market share of non-woven disposable products, and will continue to maintain its market share during the forecast period (2015-2020).
Surgical non-woven disposable products include surgical gown, surgical mask, sterile non-woven swab, surgical cap, surgical gown, shoe cover, surgical curtain, etc.
Incontinence products are the second largest segment of the global non-woven disposable product market, and will grow at the fastest compound growth rate during the forecast period.
Disposable underwear, cotton pad, disposable underwear cover, disposable diapers and other products.
Disposable Diapers Market further divided into super
Super absorbent
Absorption and biodegradable.
Geographically, the market includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Rama region.
Due to the growing popularity of medical non-woven disposable products among clinicians and the government\'s strict regulation of ensuring the health and hygiene of medical institutions, North America is the leading geographical area.
Asia-Pacific and Latin America will become the most profitable region for the growth of the medical non-woven disposable products market.
The main companies introduced in the report include Kimberly tar Corporation, Kimberly-
Medtronic Company Clark
, Molnlycke Healthcare AB, First Quality enterprise, company
Ahlstrom, Inc.
Georgia Pacific Co. , LTD. and fraudenberg non-woven fabric.
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Medical non-woven disposable products market: table-of-
Content catalogue of medical non-woven disposable products market: Chapter 1: Introduction 1.
1 report description 1.
Key benefits 1.
3 key market segments 1.
4 Research Methods 1. 4.
1 Primary Study 1. 4.
2 Second Study 1. 4.
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Chapter II summary of implementation.
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Chapter 3 Market Overview 3.
1 Market Definition and Scope 3.
2 Key findings 3. 2.
Main factors affecting the global medical non-woven disposable products market2.
The world\'s largest investment in medical non-woven disposable products market. 2.
Global Medical non-woven disposable products market three winning strategy.
Porter\'s Five Forces Analysis 3. 3.
1 low bargaining power of suppliers 3. 3.
2 High Bargaining Power of Buyers 3. 3.
Reduce the Threat of substitutes. 3.
Competitors 3. 3.
5 high threat of new entrants 3.
Value Chain Analysis 3.
5 Market Share Analysis, 2014 3.
6 Market Dynamics 3. 6.
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