We specialize in stitchbond for over 14 year.


The fire retardant ( FR ) stitchbond can reach CFR1633 , BS5852 , BS7177 , and MVSS302 . The CFR1633 fire retardant stitchbond is made of 85% viscose and 15% polyester . This is widely used for North America market . Our customer widely use for mattress . The test of CFR1633 is did the test base on a whole mattress . So the customer use our CFR1633 stitchbond fabric to make the mattress and then do the test .Our CFR1633 stitchbond is very good quality and always pass the test .

The BS5852 and BS7177 are the FR standard for UK market . The BS5852 is more strict than the BS7177 .The BS5852 and BS7177 stitchbond are made of 100% polyester , only do the fire retardant treatment .

To do the test of BS5852 and BS7177 only need half of our stitchbond then can finish the test .

 Different country have different FR standard. We change the formula according to customer’s standard. Normal the weight for BFR1633 fabrics is more heavier than BS5852.This is determined by the formula.

If you are interested in any FR stitchbond just feel free to contact us . We will supply the sample free for your reference .

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