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by:JIAHE     2020-07-02
Today, Testing of plastic materials has grown increasingly. Laboratory instruments range from glassware items to sophisticated scientific devices that help different people to carry out different types of diagnostics. Different measuring equipment and testing instruments have been devised in the history and they have become inseparable parts of a well-equipped laboratory. The instruments and equipment used to analyze and evaluate polymers, composite, and films are more accurate and able to provide more consistent and repeatable results than previous generations. In many cases, digitalization has reduced the prices of test equipment, making it affordable for many processors to conduct in-house testing and advanced quality control. Plastics testing are used to develop new materials, evaluate processing, specify materials for product applications, and determine a product's ability to meet end-use requirements under various environmental conditions, verify design concepts, ensure product quality and safety, and protect manufacturers against product-liability claims. Independent labs offer a large 'menu' of services for physical testing, failure analysis, materials analysis and identification, surface property analysis, and fire resistance. Labs evaluate a broad range of physical and chemical properties, including tensile properties, compressibility, melt-flow indexes, molecular-weight distribution, additive analysis, electrical characteristics, and many others. Universal testing machines have a place in most plastics labs. HEXA PLAST - INDIA offers a wide range of load capacities in its family of universal testing machines, including drop-impact tester, which is optimized especially for the requirements of penetration tests. The company also offers various other Lab Testing Equipments to set up a Standard Lab for test related to Pipes like (HDPE,MDPE,PPR,RPVC,UPVC, CPVC, FRP/GRP, Electrical Conduits etc), Rotational Molding Industries, Compounds Manufacturing Industries, Injection Molding Components Manufacturing Industries, Cable Manufacturing Industries, Mono Layer, Multilayer & Other Film Manufacturing Industries, Blow Molding Industries, Wooden & Laminates, Woven Sack & Raffia Tape Manufacturing Industries.
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