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courses on making paper bags witness high demand | pune news - times of india

by:JIAHE     2020-03-03
Pune: state-
The widespread ban on plastics not only brings a high demand for paper bags, but also brings lessons for making such items.
As many people want the opportunity to engage in small businesses, the number of queries for such classes has increased a lot over the past few days.
Since the announcement of the ban, the College of handmade paper has received more than 50 inquiries about paper bag making courses.
We will organize a training module during the first week of April.
Sanjeev Naik, a junior professor, said about 8 people had registered and that the entry was open before the module was launched.
Earlier, he said, the institute received about 100 inquiries per month.
The inquiry mainly deals with the courses on paper documents, folders, envelopes and paper bags.
Since the promulgation of the ban, we have been receiving specific inquiries about paper bag making courses.
Nainainaik said that in the past week we have had a course like this for 21 people from Chandrapur. Non-
The profit organization Tolee has also received a number of one-
Workshop on paper bag making day.
Paper bags are needed in the market and we have been contacted for the seminar.
Irfan Pathan, a lecturer trained at Abhinav Kala Vidyalaya, will show participants how to make paper bags, envelopes, as well as illustrations and Warli paintings for some decorative bags.
We also planned 15-
Camp for slum children in April.
Anita Iyer Narayan, founder of Tory, said the children could make paper bags during the holidays to help their families.
Neha Tiwari, founder of Thunga-
Paper bags, in the last week of the third week, demand for paper bags has risen sharply.
When we launched in February, we sold about 100 paper bags and about 200 paper bags in the first three weeks.
Sales are hot this week and we have distributed 1,000 bags so far.
Tiwaria Industries\'s organization has been able to hire 50 women from rural areas around Alibaug and 20 housewives from the city to make paper bags.
The handmade paper Institute has been receiving inquiries and orders from boutiques, jewelers and multinational companies about custom bags.
Nainaik said that small traders have not yet come forward because of the high interest rates, but we are considering how to lower their prices.
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