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coolest travel products on kickstarter, august 2016 edition

by:JIAHE     2020-02-08
We may be coming to an end to the busy summer travel season, but when you run towards the gate with your boarding pass, it\'s never too early to start preparing for the next one.
Innovators and big thinkers on Kickstarter have some new ideas to keep you comfortable
In size, perhaps the most important thing is
Take in caffeine on upcoming business trips or family vacations.
Here are our five favorite products that either have an active Kickstarter campaign or are taking pre-
Order this month
Nomatic travel bag claims to be \"the most powerful travel bag ever\", which may not be an exaggeration.
There are 20 travelers in the bag.
Friendly features that can accommodate clothing and accessories for a week, and can still easily slide over the top of the plane.
One of the highlights with you-
The size of the suitcase has a lockable RFID-
Secure pockets for storing passports, wallets and other important documents.
As for the bag itself, it can be carried as a luggage bag or as a backpack, and because of its beautiful strap system, you won\'t worry that the strap hanging on the subway door will get stuck.
The Nomatic travel bag has broken the funding target for Kickstarter, raising $803,000 in less than two weeks as of today.
Currently, a Nomatic travel bag including a vacuum bag and an expandable laundry bag is available through Kickstarter for $169, with an estimated delivery date of January 2017.
Travelers should not only worry about being pickpocketed;
There are some digital pickpockets that can steal your data without touching your wallet.
VaultCard came in from here.
VaultCard is a wallet
The size of the card that protects your sensitive data-credit and debit cards, passports, building access cards, traffic passes-comes from RFID skimming devices.
When VaultCard was built
When the antenna detects the RFID scanner, it will turn on and block the signal to prevent
Stealing your information is a thief.
The successful Kickstarter campaign for VaultCard is over, but you can do it in advance
Order one directly from Londonbased founders.
A VaultCard is $34.
99, 8 months and 15 days of delivery.
You rarely know your luggage for the first time.
Based on the name, so say hello to Malone.
The carrying of this innovation
It weighs only 7 pounds, but can hold 35% more than other sized suitcases.
How did Malone do it?
Through what its developers call auxiliary compression technology (ACT)
It\'s a science.
It sounds like when you pack your suitcase, the suitcase itself expands and can then be compressed back to carry with you --
The size is right when you zip up.
In addition, Malone (
The Falcon is from France)
There is a removable 10400 battery and two USB ports so you don\'t have to play the exit roulette at the airport.
It also changes the slender wheels on most suitcases to an oversized set that gives you better traction when you pull it along an uneven sidewalk-less profanity.
Marlon is $195 through Kickstarter (plus shipping)
The estimated delivery date was May 2017.
Your underwear may be an afterthought when you\'re traveling, as you throw anything at the top of the clean laundry pile into your suitcase.
The manufacturer of the ultimate travel underwear wants to change this.
No, you won\'t think more about your underwear than you do now, but at least you\'ll know you\'ll be comfortable and smell-
Free, not that much money.
National flight trying to cancel
Put your boxer through your pants. Y-
Track and Field designed these underwear, using sweat considering travelers
Murray wool and smell
Neutral silver fiber.
They also draw on some of the design features of the bike shorts, placing a soft silicone handle at each leg opening to make sure they remain in shape and do not move, no matter how long your day is.
Ultimate Travel lingerie is currently available for sale through Kickstarter for $29 or two pairs for $50.
Sometimes the coffee in the hotel is not enough to overwhelm --
Night Symphony from air conditioning vents.
The Volta smart grinder wants to change this and make sure you get the best coffee even if you\'re on the road.
Portable, battery
The electric coffee machine is called \"the first high in the world.
Performance Portable burr grinder, \"which is probably also the smartest: a version comes with the internet of things --
Connect the platform and mobile app to ensure the freshness of coffee beans.
But even if it\'s stripped off, the mock version promises the kind of coffee the barista will ask you.
The Volt smart grinder has several bonus levels on Kickstarter, ranging from $199 for the grinder itself to $249 for the connected version.
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