We specialize in stitchbond for over 14 year.


The coated stitchbond is our mainly products and which is widely selling to all over the world .

We can do CFR1633 and BS5852 fire treatment for the coated stitchbond , or any other FR standard the customer need , we can do .

The coated stitchbond now we do mainly colors are scream , grey and white , but if the customers have any other color requests , we can customize .

When we jump in the mattress, the box springs is also move, it requires the bottom mattress to be high strength and anti-slip mattress, while our coated sitchbond fabrics can meet this requires well,so at the moment more and more mattress manufacture use coated stitchbond fabrics to pack the box springs.

The coated stitchbond now the mattress factory mostly use the 100gsm and 130gsm .

Some customer use less weight , for example : 80gsm and 90gsm .

The width of the coated stitchbond is mostly spread from 2.0m to 2.15m .

Different customers have different requests , we can do different for different customers .

The coated stitchbond we use the best fiber and coated material to make the tension strong enough .

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