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Any further technical information about JIAHE?
HUIZHOU JIAHE NEW MATERIAL SCI-TECH CO.,LTD NON WOVEN FABRIC adopts highly advanced technology to produce JIAHE NON WOVEN FABRIC. Advanced and modern technology means more elaborate operations on machines and assembly lines that are both applied to producing finest-quality products. We are equipped with professional engineers who are experienced in producing the products for years.

It is known from the comparison that JIAHE is advanced in fire retardant fabric industry . can meet the needs of most customers with diverse products. non woven fabric series are as follows. Jiahe roofing stitchbond has a widespread use in cooling the roof. . is very proud to have its own design team to make sure the uniqueness of recycled polyester fabric. Jiahe roofing stitchbond has a widespread use in cooling the roof. The flame-retardant superiority distinguishes Jiahe stitchbonded fabric. . thanks to the high recommendation from customers, JIAHE has gradually become the pioneer of non slip tape,fabric bonding tape industry.

our team aims to be a top manufacturer for polyester roofing fabric. Get quote!
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