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A stretch fabric projector screen is a true multipurpose

by:JIAHE     2020-06-21
Most projector screens do not offer both front and rear projection and this is one area where stretch fabric screens have an advantage over wall mounted or electric drop down projector screens. A fabric projector screen is made entirely of stretch projector screen fabric; cut in such a way that it displays a modern stylish end product when stretched. This style of projector screen does not have hardware such as coil springs and metal components which can be affected by the elements. A stretch fabric screen so can be used indoors or outdoors without fear of water damage. If in the event the screen becomes dirty you launder it in your washing machine using cold water and detergent. Compared to outdoor inflatable projector screens they are much more versatile. The better quality projector screens are also treated with a fire retardant so if in the event of fire they will not ignite, this is very important especially for screenings in public places. Used with a simple lighting truss stand or existing structures such as walls and even trees outdoors a stretch fabric screen can be set up within minutes. Throwing an image upwards at an angle onto a traditional drop down projector screen for audio visual applications is impossible as the screen does not provide fixing points, not so with stretch fabric screens where they can be stretched between simple eye hooks fixed to ceilings and walls. The following are situations where stretch fabric projector screens have been used in the past, it may help you decide if a stretch fabric screen is for you:- For hire - Rental Companies that rent out commercial Staging, lighting, sound, Audio Visual (AV) and Projector equipment Disc Jockeys and live bands Pool parties for music videos, sports or movie viewing Resort Movies Large format screenings in Libraries Education and training purposes in Universities, Tafe colleges etc. Musical Stage Performances in schools Teaching Aid in schools Drama performances in schools Stage shows in Entertainment centres and halls Conference and teaching presentations Auditoriums and large venue functions in hotels Wedding receptions in hotels and function rooms Trade Shows for industry and commerce Music Festivals, bands, Gigs, Discos, Dances and Karaoke
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